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so you know the relationship between the 2 variables

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Q: Explain why bar graphs are useful for comparing data?
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Why bar graphs are useful for comparing data?

bar graphs are useful for comparing data b/c you cn actually see what the difference is between them.

What are pie graphs useful for?

Quick overview of data

Are graphs a good means of comparing data visually true or false?


Why are graphs useful?

Graphs are useful in various ways. They are commonly used in statistics to represent data which can be easily interpreted by other users.

How are line graphs useful in displaying data?

sht up

Bar graphs are useful for showing?

data of what u want

How can comparing a map and a graph be useful?

it tells you data

What are three useful tools for organizing data?

There are a number of useful tools for organizing data. These include spreadsheets, creating graphs, and creating folders to organize all of your documents.

What is a double bar graph used for?

double bar graphs are used for comparing data between 2 different things.

What can Graphs and charts of data can be used for?

They can be used in Marketing and Finance. They can also be used for co-ordinates or distance speed time graphs can be useful for journeys

What are the meaning of bar graphs line graphs pie graphs in tagalog?

Bar graphs show an '''amount''' of data. Line graphs show data '''over time.''' Pie graphs show a '''percentage''' in the data.

How can graphs of polynomial functions show trends in data?

The way you can use graphs of polynomial functions to show trends in data is by comparing results between different functions. The alternation between the data will show the trends. Time can also be used to show the amount of variation.

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