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the plant is a mineral that has only two or some times three seeds to each pod and that is why you would need a microscope to see the small microscopic seeds

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Q: Explain why both magnification and resolution are important when viewing a small object with a microscope?
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Explain why magnification and resolution are important when viewing a small object with a microscope?

those two things are important because the cells are very small and you need those things to see the better

As the magnification used in microscope increases is more or less illumination needed Explain your answer?

As the magnification increases, more light is needed. This is because the size of the hole of the lens is smaller.

If an object can be magnified 100 200 or 1000 times when viewed under a microscope does the objects actual size change with the magnification Explain why?

No, the actual size never changes - only the APPARENT size, due to the magnification provided by the lenses of the microscope.

Briefly explain how improvements in microscopes may have benefited scientists?

It has benefited scientists, as Ernst Ruska developed on the electron microscope, improving on the resolution. This is how he discovered Viruses and Molecules. Frits Zernike invented a microscope to study transparent and colourless specimens

Explain in brief different collision resolution methods?

collision resolution methods

Is it better to have a telescope with a high resolving power or a high magnification explain why?


What did a microscope look like?

i cant explain

Explain the difference between a light scanning and electron microscope?

A scanning electron microscope will scan the surface and an electron microscope looks inside.

What are the two types of microscopes and explain one differences?

The to types of microscope are as following : 1. Simple microscope 2. compound microscope differences between these both is as following: simple microscope has one Len but compound microscope has two Len.

What objective should be used for initial focusing explain?

Scanner or 4x objective. This is to not confuse our eyes on the magnification that we will see.

Explain the structure of an animal cell under electron microscope?

animal cell

How atom and molecules are important to cell processes explain?

why atom and molecules are important to cell processes explain