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Pufferfish are a highly toxic type of saltwater fish. They are found in warm waters, and blow themselves up like a balloon as a defensive mechanism.
I cant really explain how much it eats a day but I can explain whatit eats and its size: The diet of the puffer fish is mostly invertebrates and algae.Large specimens will even crack open and eat clams,mussels, andshellfish. Its size can be up to 3 feet.
Biologists think pufferfish, developed their famous "inflatability"because their slow, somewhat clumsy swimming style makes themvulnerable to predators. In lieu of escape, pufferfish use theirhighly elastic stomachs and the ability to quickly ingest hugeamounts of water (and even air when necessary)...
The puffer fish is the size of a basketball.
The short answer is all of them. The one you see for sale inaquarium store should be in brackish water, which is a mixture ofocean and fresh water. More like marsh water. If you see them in"Pet$mart" remind them that that puffer fish need to be in brackishwater and not the same water that all the...
They are the same, just different names.
a pufferfish lives in brackish water when a river and ocean meet
Even though this is the second most toxic vertebrate to humans, the meat can be eaten if it is prepared very carefully by a trained chef. In fact its a delicacy in Japan and Korea.
From . Puffer poisoning usually results from consumption of incorrectly prepared puffer soup, fugu chiri or occasionally from raw puffer meat, . While chiri is much more likely to cause death, sashimi fugu ...
Yes. Pufferfish do not really swim all that fast, they do not rely on speed to avoid enemies. They have spines that help them with this, also they puff up (hense the name) as if to look bigger to ward off enemies. so, sharks are generally faster than pufferfish.
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Almost all pufferfish contain tetrodotoxin , a substance that makes them foul tasting and often lethal to fish. To humans, tetrodotoxin is deadly, up to 1,200 times more poisonous than cyanide. There is enough toxin in one pufferfish to kill 30 adult humans, and there is no known antidote.
they suck in water and puff up with spikes.
tiger sharks and sea snakes eats pufferfish
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Yes, it swims wherever it wants.
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The pufferfish will become a larger target when it attacks. If you shoot near your ship when it is coming, you can easily kill it. Normally another creature or ship will attack while you are trying to finish the pufferfish. Do not let it stay in contact with your ship, as it continues to do damage...
they are brown or grey they may have stripes. by sandy and maria or nany
There are as many as 5 to 20 puffer fish that live in a school.This number varies on the location of the puffer fish populationand the resources available to them.
Yes, like most fish the pufferfish does lay eggs. It can be anywhere from 2-5 or in some cases, up to 10 eggs. For more information go to
This is not classed as growth as the cells are not getting bigger or developing permanently which is growth. The fish simply inhales water which would only expand the cells temporarily to scare off predators and can easily return to there normal shape
to protect its self from other preditors
Some species of pufferfish/blowfish are endangered, and some arenot. There are about 120 different species. Most pufferfish are not in danger, or have not had enough researchdone to know. However, these species are different: . The Chinese puffer is listed as Critically Endangered becauseof...
Puffer fish migrate to warner waters or they will freeze to death.Some colors are tan, white, brown, green , blue, and grey.Theirbody covering can be spiny and slick.
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about 17cm-60cm (7in-24in) hope it helped!=) it helped alot
The life span of a puffer fish is about 20 - 30 years.
Green spotted puffers will be most happy in water of approximately 77-80F.
i believe that the pufferfish gfive birth to many babies, although some die and the mother might die as well :(
Not exactly. They belong to the class Actinopterygii. Osteichthyes is the Superclass which includes Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) and Sarcopterygii (fleshy-finned or lobe-finned fishes).
Many chefs who cook the puffer fish know more than anyone. The puffer fish contains loads of toxic stuff and could kill someone if it wanted to!! . I don't think any do. The puffer fish is extremely poisonous. .
between 10 and 20 times in a year so about 35 to 40 in their life.
puffer fish can get about twice its size
Arothron stellatus (Starry Puffer) gets about 4 feet long.
they frequently make noises that sound like donkeys.
Yes all fish are cold-blooded, except for the tuna fish.
No,actually,puffer fish is only the 10th poisonous animal in the world because the box jelly fish is the poisonous animal in the world.
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are pufferfish carnivores,omnivores,or herbivores
The male pufferfish has a penis and a female pufferfish has a vagina
You really shouldn't try. Pufferfish inflate when they feel threatened, to avoid getting eaten. Being scared for your life probably isn't a pleasant thing even for a fish.
Yes because a pufferfish puffs really big.
So long as they are responsible and have a trusted adult help them take care of it.
Tetroadontiphobia is the answer! By the way, Diodontiphobia is the fear of porcupine fish! -RJ
While the spines are there for defense and are thus painful, they aren't the poisonous part of the fish. Tetrodotoxin is the active ingredient, stored in the eyes (?), liver and reproductive organs, and tetrodotoxin is deadly to humans.. However, I have no evidence whatsoefver (including examining...
\n. \n. yes some pufferfish are poisoners. \n.
The male puffer will tie the other one down and ***** her until she lays a egg that he eats and poops out so a baby forms
To feed a cherrystone clam to a green spotted puffer fish, you just give it the whole clam. Puffer fish are able to crack open the clam and eat what is inside.
Puffer fish swim like any other fish, by using their fins and streamlined body for movement and gills for breathing. The puffer fish only bloats up its body when it is threatened making it difficult to swim but its not like that all the time, in fact the puffer fish is a very good swimmer.
Pufferfish expand themselves by sucking in water. The water gets pumped into their stomach, causing the pufferfish to bloat/expand/blow up. When this happens, the spikes on the pufferfish stick out, making the fish look very unappetising to predators. Pufferfish can also suck in air to expand...
Mbu pufferfish was created in 1899.
Reincarnation of any of the species has not as yet beenscientifically proven.
5 years or longer. 5 years or longer
Fahaka pufferfish was created in 1758.
Dwarf pufferfish was created in 1941.
Green pufferfish was created in 1822.
Actually, they tend to sleep. You may note their color change when this occurs.
Pufferfish are most commonly found in the coral reef biome. Thesefish can also be found in the marine and fresh water biomes.
Puff erfish belong to the family Tetradontidae, which means they have four teeth. They are also called blowfish. There are species of pufferfish which live in freshwater, some species live best in brackish water, and some Puffer s live best in marine or sea water.
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Humans can eat pufferfish, but not all of it. Fugu, what we know as pufferfish, is a delicacy in Japan. Lisenced resturants that serve pufferfish also specialize in the removal of the fish's deadly poison. If left unremoved the fish could be the last meal for up to thirty adults.
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Tiger Sharks and sea snakes are two of them.
I think tiger sharks and sea snakes eat the pufferfishes
you will need to feed them pieces of scallop,crab legs,oysters also gut loaded ghost shrimp,brine shrimp,blood worms and snails.
it can fill itself with water and then spill toxins ito the water to kill it's prey! :D
Fugu, which Japanese for Puffer Fish, can be quite deadly if any ofthe tetrodotoxin in the organs contaminates the meat duringcleaning of the fish and/or during preparation of the meal.
Answer . Yeah but it is very stressful for them, it is like a human having a heart attack, if a puffer fish puffs up it is very bad.
of course they do how do you think they make babies if they didnt there would be no pufferfish.
When you are ice fishing(if that's what you mean) keep your last fish on the fishing pole and feed it to the big fish.That's where to get the bait.
Yes they do because every animals evolves. Answer: All species of animals evolve due to the pressure of their environments. It is hard to imagine a condition where some individual animals don't get along better in an environment or ecosystem. Some are stronger, can hunt better, can defend...
it changes every 3 weeks.
You can't tell. They just keep on evolving.
5 years... or sometimes longer
The puffer fish is a predator , not prey.
Tetraodontidae is the scientific name for the family of fish known as puffers or blowfish.
Yes their whole body is poisonous including their organs.
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