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Supergirl is a character from DC Comics. She first appeared in Superman issue 123, back in 1958. In most versions of her story, her name is Kara Zor-El, and she is the cousin of Superman.
Supergirl dies in action in the ( Crisis) series- she is no longer a current charactr in the DC stable. It is true that Brainiac 5 (In Legion) seemed to have a crush on her, but knew this could not be consummated because she was doomed to die young. In other words, he knew in advance- Pit-falls of...
She was a member of the Legion of Super Heroes.
Laura Vandervoort is given credit for Supergirl. Laura Vandervoort played the part of Supergirl in several episodesof the Smallville TV series. Superfirl, created by Otto Binder and Al Plastino , first appeared in Action Comics #252 (May 1959). The science-fiction writer Otto Binder is...
When she was forced to reveal her powers
Her whole body including her hair is almost invincible.
For some reason her powers, while similar to Superman"s are somewhat scaled down to the feminine frame. She rarely ( saves the world) but does get involved in accident-rescue type things and solving crimes. She rarely uses her powers full blast, which is a good thing.l wish they would bring her back...
superman in a smooch with her in the sky
She wears a blue shirt with a red s on it and a gold belt with red boots and a red skirt and a red head band
Supergirl is from Krypton, a totally different planet.
depends on who dresses as her
Melissa Benoist
same as superman flight etc.
Monel and her family
Black Supergirl
save people,(super girl), reporter(regular human)
Supergirl first appeared in 1959. The character debuted in Action Comics 252, which was published in May of that year. Supergirl was killed in 1985, but was reintroduced in 2004.
Who IS Superwoman anyway?!!
She has many powers like laser eyes, super strength, the ability tofly and more which she has because she is a kryptonian.
Super Girl - EP - was created in 2009-08.
Supergirl - Cir-El - was created in 2003.
Supergirl - Matrix - was created in 1988.
Same powers as Superman!
Best show out there
No. The original Supergirl was created by Otto Binder and AlPlastino.
She was only 15 when she first landed on Earth, but over the courseof the next 25 years Supergirl would mature into a young adult andacquire a surprising amount of life experience. Although she beganher career as a teenager, she was never a teenage sidekick. Heradventures were her own. Well it's...
Super girl pretends to be Lana lang, reporter for the Daily Planet
yes,supergirl marries green arrow,because she got mad with brainiac the legion. of arrow marries supergirl because black canary cheeted on him.
YES he did.supergirl got married to him cause she got mad at brainiac 5 cause she. saw him KISSING shrinking violet. he got married to her cause black canary cheeted on. him.
Supergirl, now to get her to turn on her ultra-violet heat vision! Zaaazzz! now, can you reverse it to help the movie star with skin cancer- what"s her name Faroff Watergate- pun intended!