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Physics regards the physical aspects of the natural world. It includes topics that deal with forces on different bodies within the universe and phenomena that explain how the universe works.
you need 4 D's. I know that sounds like a Rip-off, but it totally keeps working for a long time.
The neutron has about the same mass as the proton, each hasa mass a tiny amount greater than 1 AMU (atomic mass unit). Theneutron is the smallest bit more massive. The electron has a mass of just a bit over 5/10,000ths of an AMU.Extremely less massive in comparison, isn't it!
Usually we use a mechanical or electrical meter. Gas supplies cansimply drive round a counter. Electricity can be measured inseveral ways, for instance by using part of it to turn a disc whichin turn drives a counter. Essentially we measure how much power weuse and for how long. The unit is usually...
Fluorescent materials are used in illumination, displaying, solid  state lasers,light communication,light memory and so on.
The electrical resistance between subatomic particles is far  reaching from the atomic nucleus and electron cloud. Electrons are  also moving very fast. The probability cloud that determines where  the electrons could be, the orbitals and the nucleus itself, are  still not solid objects. Keep in...
The electromagnetic and strong nuclear forces are very powerful and  repulsive at close ranges. Put two atomic nuclei near each other  and they will push away from each other. Similarly if you put two  negatively charged particles near each other they will also repel  at very close distances.
Energy is associated with power and motion, and matter isassociated with everything physical. Both are types of sciencevocabulary.
See the recordings of temperature over the last 10 or 20 years.This could show an increasing temperature. Also, you could see howmuch of the ice has melted or the rise of sea level (not to beconfused with tides). If the Earth is getting warmer, then moreicecaps would melt, resulting in higher oceans...
54 km per second is equal to 120,794.56 mph
Depends. Whats the amperage rating on the bulb and the battery? Isthe 12 volt bulb LED? The equation to find your answer depends onhow much your 12 volt bulb is drawing and how much your batteryhas. I have seen 12 volt bulbs that are searchlights and I haveseen 12v bulbs that are little LED ones....
A: actually any active components will oscillate with positive feedbackA transistor can be used as an amplifier along with an LC tank circuit to form an oscillator; it is an active device (as LIBURNO states) which will amplify the feedback signal coming out of the LC tank circuit. The tank circuit...
The red line goes down and the blue line just goes all the way up.  Cool right?
It's not the only reason, but the same force will produce lessacceleration in a body with more inertia.
As long as the electricity is static, it is of little concern. Ofcourse, static today, current tomorrow. If you are in contact with a large static charge and also with theEarth, the energy can flow through you, and there might be enoughto stop your heart. I heard of a man who picked up two cables...
In hot metals the kinetic energy of electrons becomes higher andthey move randomly so their movement in one direction becomesdecreased so the conductance becomes decreased.
The speed changes depending on the temperature of the water. At 70  degrees Fahrenheit, the speed is about 4,871 ft/s.
The specific gravity for water is 1.  However, when the temperature of water increases, the gravity  gradually lowers. At 0°C (32°F), gravity is 1. At 100°C (212°F),  the specific gravity of water is 0.958. At 300°C (approx. 580°F),  it is 0.7. 
Protons and neutrons are called hadrons. A hadron contains three  quarks. Quarks come in 6 flavors (types). These types are up, down,  top, bottom, strange, and charmed. (The names are completely  arbitrary.) A proton contains two up quarks and one down quark  while a neutron contains one up...
Conduction, convection and radiation. Conduction is when heat is transferred directly between materials. convection occurs when heated materials move from one place to another heating matter along the way. Radiation is when waves of heat move through space.
Intensity (brightness) and energy (frequency).
It isn't an object which can be found of itself, but objectspossessing angular momentum are those which are turning.
Perhaps it was the M65 atomic cannon, a 280 mm towed gun that fireda nuclear tipped projectile.
Pressure is given by the formula P = h * d * g   Here h is the depth or height of surface right from bottom. Given  as 3.5 m   d = density of water i.e. 1000 kg/m^3   g = 9.8 m/s^2   You could plug and get the value of P at bottom in pascal
Most atoms are electrically balanced because they have the same number of protons, which have a charge of +1, and electrons, which have a charge of -1. However electrons can be lost or gained. When they are, the atom has a different number of protons to electrons so it becomes charged.Example.An...
As the material body travels at the speed of light its relativistic  mass becomes infinite. Hence the kinetic energy too becomes  infinite which is not practically possible
Mechanical Advantage = Length of Slope / Height of Slope ( MA = L/H  ) so if the Length you refer to is the length of the slope then MA  = 6 / 2 = 3.   However, if the length you refer to is the length of the ramp from  end to end (rather than measuring the length of the slope) then you ...
Gravitation follows an inverse square law, so a gravitational fieldwhile eventually small enough to be negligible will never benon-existent.
It depends on the size of the magnent
In a sense. If you are far away from an event you may see it beforeyou hear it.
Generally speaking, yes. As a general rule, the larger the bell, the lower it's pitch will be.
This stands for European Union
movement of fluid in chest tube R/T inspiration & expiration
Specular reflection is the mirror-like reflection of light  (or of other kinds of wave) from a surface, in  which light from a single incoming direction (a ray) is reflected into a single outgoing  direction. Such behavior is described by the law of  reflection, which states that the direction...
Interesting question.. In all reality one human cannot drain another humans energy for their benefit.. BUT techincally it is possible.Ex. A king working his slaves to deathThat is a way of draining someones energy. You may also find ancient religions that say its possible through black magic or...
In addition to Mr. Al Cohen's Expert answer I will add that  670,616,629 miles per hour equals about 11,176,943 miles per minute  or 186,282 miles per second.
each newton of force equals 9.8 pounds . +++ . I am afraid you have mixed both units and systems there. Theyhave equivalents but are not equal. . The Newton is a unit of Force or "weight", not Mass. . The Kilogramme and the Pound are units of Mass, not Force, andby totally different systems of...
Heat causes the molecules in a form of matter to accelerate (reason  why ice becomes water, and water becomes gaseous water vapor).
energy can not be lost it can only be transported into other things
Friction always opposes relative motion. It does not oppose motion. Friction is an electric force. It starts acting when two surfaces rub each other.Say a block is pushed and then released, it gets an initial acceleration and its speed starts increasing. Here friction starts playing its part....
SCIENCe wavelengths . Yes, there are. If youre talking about electromagnetic radiation, they have the same speed 3*10 8 They vary in wavelength (greek letter lambda) and frequency to maintain this as speed of light= wavelength * frequency You'll find this in an Electromagnetic spectrum....
The SI unit is the kilogram per meter (kg/m).
grams are a measure of mass and density is mass per volume, so  neither are greater because neither are density values.
The range of all forms of radiant energy is called the  electromagnetic spectrum. It ranges from extremely long radio waves  to extremely short gamma rays.
Fundamental frequency = 1st harmonic = 528 Hz.2nd harmonic = 1st overtone = 1056 Hz Look at the link: "Calculations of Harmonics from Fundamental Frequency".
Any incident ray traveling parallel to the principal axis of a converging lens will refract through the lens and travel through the focal point on the opposite side of the lens.Any incident ray traveling through the focal point on the way to the lens will refract through the lens and travel parallel...
velocity cause Velocity= wavelength X frequency
not as easy to rip
When you are looking in a mirror, you are looking at your reflection. Light that is hitting the mirror is bouncing back, making you able to see yourself in the mirror.
concave mirrors are used as rear view mirrors and serve dentists  and used as reflectors
If fired with the same momentum yes it does effect the penetration
Half life has unit. That is unit of time. So it has to be  mentioned. Let us assume that half life is 1 year. Okay. Now to  know about the mass remaining we have to get the ratio  (1/2)^1620. Hence remaining will be 1/(2^1620) * mass at the  beginning
Frozen batteries last longer unfrozen batteries.
lithium batteries have a faster current discharge rate then  alkaline batteries but they cost more. The LIPO battery is used the  most in RC planes.
There is a little clip that holds it in. Look at the circle, at some point around it,you will see a small clip, you push it away from the battery and it will allow the battery to come out. Now, when you touch a motherboard, you are suppose to wear a anti static strap, and remove all power from...
We should never say that an experiment has proven something. The Rutherford gold foil experiment led to the hypothesis that an atom's positive charge is concentrated in an incredibly small space at the atom's center.
The light bulb gives light be heating the filament. Roughly speaking, it is emitting black body radiation. Plank's Law gives you the formula. See here:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_bodyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck's_law
most common answer; 0. . +++ . The '0' value is correct - a constant speed or velocity (notsynonyms) is one of no acceleration or deceleration - but it's notthe "most common" answer, it is THE answer! :-)
Electrons are a type of fundamental particle known as a Lepton.  Protons how ever are made up of quarks. A proton has a quark  structure of up, up, down (UUD). The up quark has a charge of +2/3  and the down has -1/3 which gives the proton its overall positive  charge. The up and down quark both...
Condensation of water vapour.
You mean, what happens when positive and negative charges are equal? That is simple, the equal opposite cancel each other out and we have an electrical neutrality
Given a line L and a  point P. Reflection P' of P in L is the point such that PP'  is perpendicular to L, and PM = MP', where M is the point of  intersection of PP' and L. In other words, P' is located on the  other side of L, but at the same distance from L as P. P' is said  to be a mirror or...
Purple. In a prism, the higher energy light gets bent more. There is a disagrement about the name of the light -- it's either purple or violet. Physicists used to say violet. Psychologists used to say purple. It is the same light with different names, depending on the group.
On a John Deere 4010 diesel with the generator, NOT an alternator.  Put new batteries in and some how ended up with the left battery  negative ground and the right battery positive ground.    Ran for a day that way and then the next day the tractor wouldn't  start. Dead big time. No lights...
A light and a heavy object have the same momentum .find out the ratio of their kinetic energy . which one has a larger kinetic energy ?
These are ring stands: http://orgchem.colorado.edu/equipment/equip/ringclamp.html When they are set up, they may look like this: http://www.enasco.com/prod/images/products/05/VC147797l.jpg
The things that get bunyuns on and you where socks on them and they can be smelly.   On the end of your legs.    The feet are parts of the body that both animals and human beings use to move around on.
It is the spectrum of light. There is infrared, ultraviolet(UV),  cosmic and gamma rays, heat, and radio waves. Hope that answered  your question.
He would have likely agreed with classic Newtonian physics. Look up  the string theory. It makes Einstein's absoluteness belief and  quantum mechanics' relativity ideas converge together.
No. Substances can be cooled down to almost absolute zero, but absolute zero can never be reached.That's according to the Third Law of Thermodynamics.Actually, in theory, it may be possible to reach absolute zero, but not using the cyclic cooling methods used by researchers at present.
Technically, yes. There are many variables to consider though like recoil, wind resistance, the barrel of the weapon, etc. The Mythbusters actually did that test. You could probably find that video somewhere.
No. it is a heterogeneous mixture
Unbalanced force=mass of object x acceleration of object
Melting point of quartz: 1650 (±75) °C   Check out the Related Link below for info on Quartz. Good reading!   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quartz
To calculate the velocity we would have to know the mass of the first object because we need it to find the force of gravity between the two bodies to then find out the net distance and time.
Visible Light is the name of the wavelength range that the human  eyes can see. The range is about 400 -700 nanometres (nm) and a  colour range of violet through to red. The human eye is not capable  of "seeing" radiation with wavelengths outside the Visible  Spectrum. However there is some...
By creating shadows and altering light intensity.
Its caused by the inclination of the Earth's axis of rotation to  the plane of its orbit round the sun. Thus the longest daylight  time is on the 21 of June and it slowly decreases until it is the  shortest on the 21st of Decemberr and then it starts to increase  again.
Scalar because you give only the distance, not direction as well.It would also be scalar if you had quoted only the speed (notvelocity), for the same reason. A vector has magnitude anddirection.
What happens to light when? Ha ha we need a little more detail to you question there bud.
The conduction of water depends on the presence of ions. In the  case of fresh water, there are only a very few ions present, from  the dissociation of its own molecules. (Though there is enough  conduction to be dangerous with mains electricity.) Salt water  contains lots more ions because...
With poor language we cannot assess. Any way the objects speed goes  on increasing
it is a modified version of one of the newtons equation , newton  equation cannot define the relation between work and enrgy thats  why we generate the relation for work enrgy theorem