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Since bongs are designed by and for idiots and other losers, the ash catcher is useful to those who want to smoke crack cocaine or freebase through it, since these drugs seem to work best when smoked through fresh tobacco ashes.
Very similar to: Make sure your words are short and sweet, because you never know when you are going to have to eat them!! Your name must taste good because it's always in someones mouth means; you are talked about a lot. Hopefully they are all saying nice things....
The process is quite easy. All you must do is eat a rainbow. Now getting to the rainbow is another story.
Yes. At the end of Nevermore, Fang (finally!) tells Max he loves her, and Max has been in love with Fang ever since the first book, and probably before.
Any violation of the Terms of Use on WikiAnswers can lead to ablock. The length of that block will depend on how extreme theviolation is, how many times they have broken the rules, and howthe individual responded to the warnings, if any. Cyberbullying andfoul language are pretty fast ways to earn a...
I reccomend looking at their faces.
The lighter side You usually get a letter in the mail confirming your pubic hair delivery. Within three to five days you'll receive the pubic hair along with proper care instructions. Shipping and handling are free. Additional information. Use only the adhesive supplied with the pubic hair. ...
It is a play thing for kids and adults that is usually used during bath times and can usually float
Actually, it is due to the growth relationship. You see, a tomatois actually a dolphin egg. While dolphins may be mammals, they area member of the echidna genus, which is one of the two families ofmammals that reproduce this way. However, the delphinus ovum (as itis known scientifically, as opposed...
I would imagine this being a tree-hugger.
Legal requirements that they don't want you to notice.
Remember it is not necessary to make actual repairs, only that the vehicle runs long enough to get you to the store for more beer. 1. your toolbox must have only pliers, a hammer ( big one ), a screwdriver ( doesn't matter which one), a crescent wrench, 1 roll of duct tape, some rope ( or zip...
I would say it depends on the company and who you're interviewingwith! In some cases, using this phrase and similar, more trendyphrases can portray you as someone who is up-to-date and fresh. Butyou better be sure to have the professional skill set and knowledgeto back something like that up. In...
There are many American Indian tribes native to the Southwest ofthe United States. These tribes are located in Arizona, New Mexico,and Colorado (the southern section). There are five tribes from theSouthwest: Apache, Hopi, Navajo, Pueblo, and Zuni. Most of theseSouthwest Indians lived in villages...
arre guys its simple legs Ladke Ladkiyon ke pair ni chute kabhi :p BOys nvr touch grls leg 4 blessings
The answer to that question is because I like to eat pictures of chicken. Pigs don't speak Spanish... They speak Latin
That pie is best made with bugs
My mother, in fact, knows that I am quite the truthful gent. Does your mom know that you're using age-old wordplay to attempt to make others look like fools?
Depends on your on ethical views or not, also on how hungry are you are.
Depends on the intensity of the fart. Methane is technically a flammable gas, but a little bit of beany afterburner isn't going to do much.
Jove is another name for Jupiter, the Roman god of sky and thunder.
sorry to tell you this,there not real and I'm telling the truth.I'm Irish and i never saw one Well of course not!!! We leprechauns are very smart and enjoy keeping ourselves hidden. We are commonly found at the ends of rainbows, which mortals like you are generally to stupid to find. We have...
A raven . The chess pieces that occupy the extreme corners of the opening game. Also know as a castle. . A prank, or a scam most often used as a verb. 'I've been rooked'
Tips for surviving the snowpocalypse: . By hunting snow leopards on a snowboard. . Wear all your clothes at the same time. . Stock up on hot cocoa. . Shout how many inches of snow your block has already received. . Take a shot of something warm for every foot of snow the weatherman predicts. ....
If it was a lawsuit, one [court] case could cover the entire country On the serious side we present the following facts: . DVD Case is ~ 41.25 square inches . Australia has an area of 2,988,888 square miles . One (1) square mile equals 4,014,489,600 square inches . 4,014,489,600 divided...
We need traffic lights to prevent car crashes and so we know when to drive instead of just going free for all driving. Hope I helped!
let her do it =oo it looks sexier when she does it
yes they are.force fields guide your entire life, when it goes down, so do is active at night when the nigg3rs are trying to steal all your shoes and break in your house. KKK forever
One doggy SAVED MY LIFE.
The real question here is, was the Minotaur commiting a crime? Assuming the minotaur stole the jetpack, robocop would be forced to attempt to arrest the minotaur. Obviously the minotaur would resist, forcing robocop to force feed the 'taur a lead sandwich.. obv the minotaur ain't gonna stand for...
1. Buy some ice cream 2. Borrow a video camera, smart phone with video or a webcam 3. Call your friends and tell them you are giving away free ice cream 4. Give them the ice cream and ask them very nicely to scream into the camera 5. Give your video a title and post it on YouTube or Vimeo ...
no they did not if the jouster did not please the king or queen they were made to to be put in a head lock thing and got tomatoes throughn at them
Tampa, Florida USA
Animals use it for survival: Why not you, too?
The skirt can get very uncomfortable when it is low or they might like to show off their legs.
Two or three minutes should be long enough.
yes ... or no, depending?
Two Words: Duct Tape Another two words: Super Glue Yet another two words: Staple Gun And for the more painful and permanent solution: Cut out his tongue
Many things, these include cigarettes, charcoal, matches, even a lightning strike. ----------------- I just checked with Smokey the Bear: While lightning strikes can cause forest fires, nine out ten are human caused. Sad, ain't it?
George Washington's first career was a surveyor
Do you mean Hermes' symbol? If so it is a staff made of willow, wrapped, in original myth, with ribbons, in later myths with snakes. It's called a caduceus.
Fergalicious is the 2nd single from Fergie's debut solo album, The Dutchess.. As delicious as Fergie and it is definite. In other words, there is no questions that that babe is hot!
Aid (verb) - to give support to, assist, to help in bring about . Sentence example: This new medicine may aid your recovery.
Suigetsu Hozuki is awesome as he can turn into liquid form. His sword using skills and also known as reincarnation of Zabuza
It is from the number "Googol" a number with 100 zeros. a googleplex i a 1 with a googol of zeroes after it, try to kiss that good night!
Not two ordinary cell phones no.
Its some where in India
No, it came out in 1996, which is much later.
No, it was released in 1982.
A lesson about religion can be very boring.. but maths lessons can be very very boring...xlolx
I'm afraid the amount of electricity it would take would make it impractical as a screwdriver. Best to leave that to the Doctor.
LOWER CASE starts with 011 & UPPER CASE starts with 010 and then the five numbers are the same for both upper and lower case. Aa = 00001 Bb = 00010 Cc = 00011 Dd = 00100 Ee = 00101 Ff = 00110 Gg = 00111 Hh = 01000 Ii = 01001 Jj = 01010 Kk = 01011 Ll = 01100 Mm = 01101 ...
You would probably have to clean it up. Just sayin.
She is located directly over the center of the Earth.
a portable one usually weighs about 6 lbs.
I, personally, do not believe in fate, and I believe that you can control what life brings to you. instead of sitting around and "praying", go out and meet some people. the "perfect soul mate" isn't going to randomly show up at your door.
by removing the doodle valve you might want to grease your headlight brackets while your at it tilt your head back and put two drops in each eye You will need to purchase some munition fuel before starting thisjob. Be sure to avoid contact with liquified lightning while performingthe task. Don't...
The question is not some much, "How much to they get paid?" but more "how much do they get laid?"
A short, stout dog with a smushed in face & tiny tail.
Some old jokes: Two men walked into a bar... ouch two men walked into a bar, you think one would have ducked. A dog hobbled into a Western saloon with one leg wrapped in a bloodstained bandage. The bartender said: "Can I help you, pardner?" to which the dog replied: "I'm looking for the man...
Gay and Lesbian Travel is one of several Specialty Travel sub-categories. When Wiki starts to get a lot of questions about a specific subject, they tend to bring out the certain subject into its own sub-category, many people that use this site must have been asking a lot of questions referring to...
I'd check yer butt, cause people always say "If it was up yer butt you'd know!" so I'd start checkin there.
Taste because insects taste horrible
yes they do go out and right now qwanell does someting speacial 4 her down the season with rosses so yes they do.
we would not be able to breath.You would just die right when you get born.
i would say you have problems. and even if she liked you, i would consider her a pedofile if she dated you. a 6 year difference is a little too much. and at 10 years old i highly doubt you know what the word "love" means. also, isn't world of warcraft rated "T"? you arn't a teenager so you really...
Dean Martin (1917 - 1995) was an Italian-American singer, film actor, and comedian. He was known as one of the biggest music artists in the 1950's and 1960's. Martin was born Dino Paul Crocetti in 1917;he was the second oldest of the Rat pack.
Following the Anti-Discrimination Act of 1967, equal rights were granted to rhetorical questions given that they are, after all, questions. Subsequently an amendment was introduced stipulating that they should be moved to the Humor and Amusement Corner. Debate rages on today regarding whether they...
Speaking as someone who answers chemisty questions on a regular basis if you used = to show a double bond and then put (by = I mean a triple bond) I'd know what you meant. I know it's not a perfect answer to your question, but all the questions here are answered by real people, not bots, so we are...
Well, being a conservative is only a liberal point of view and being a liberal is just a conservative point of view; I've heard of conservative liberals and liberal conservative. The rest of us just don't need to characterize someone with an opposing viewpoint; we don't need to label them.
Homicide because you clone is not you and suicide is when you kill yourself.
scrub it off with a sponge and no water with a little bit off goooff and dont get it in your speaker then wipe off with paper towel
On line or in a toy shop.
why would you ask this?!
Yes, they are called intersexed; they are born with both male and female sexual characteristics and organs. Parents in the past were encouraged to have their child surgically altered to be a boy or girl but as the child developed their temperament and personality, they may have made a wrong choice....
Windshield tranny inside the engine????? The windshield has nothing to do with the transmission, and they for sure are not inside the engine. But, I will say, go to your local Auto Parts Store. They can help you.