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tube fouling, clogged tube, air leak affects heat transfer.

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Q: Factors affect vacuum efficiency of a condenser?
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Why the vacuum is maintained in condenser?

For increasing steam turbine efficiency. if vacuum is not maintained then, uncondensable gases and air in condenser will increase the condenser pressure.

What is kenotometer?

A kenotometer is an instrument used in steam turbine condensers to measure the vacuum in the steam space of the condenser. The vacuum achieved by the condenser has significant influence on the efficiency of the steam turbine.

Why the vacuum is maintained in Steam condenser?

It is important to maintain a vacuum in a condenser if you want it to work well.

What will happen if vacuum in surface condenser is very high?

If the vacuum in the surface condenser it very high, it results in higher practical thermal efficiency. It is important for you to keep the temperature to 100 Celsius or lower for it to work properly.

What is Difference between vacuum condenser and atmospheric condenser?

An atmospheric condenser operates naturally at atmospheric pressure (1.013bar). A vacuum condenser operates at pressures below atmospheric and will use some sort of pump to provide a vacuum.

How is a vacuum created in a condenser?

by air pump

What is reason for low vacuum in surface condenser?

Low vacuum in a surface condenser can be caused by air leakage into the system, inadequate cooling water flow, or a problem with the vacuum pump. It could also be due to high air or non-condensable gas content in the steam entering the condenser, which reduces the ability to create a vacuum. Regular maintenance and troubleshooting of these potential issues can help improve the vacuum in the condenser.

What is the reason of vacuum dropping in steam turbine?

Vacuum dropping in a steam turbine can be caused by air leakage into the system, inadequate steam supply, malfunctioning condenser or cooling system, or excessive steam flow rate. This drop in vacuum can reduce the efficiency of the turbine and impact its performance. Regular monitoring and maintenance of the system are essential to prevent issues leading to vacuum drop.

Why is vacuum in the condenser of such importance?

If you are talking about a condenser attached to a steam turbine, then a vacuum is important because it extends the usefulness of the steam in the turbine. As you probably know, steam begins to condense back into water at 212 deg at atmospheric pressure. However, in a vacuum condition, the boiling and condensing temperature is lower. Because the condenser is under a vacuum, steam exits the turbine and enters the condenser around 130 deg. This results in more power (mega watts).

Is there a difference in cleaning efficiency between a canister vacuum and a broom-style vacuum?

No, the efficiency lies in the suction and brush types.

How will cooling towers inprove the efficiency of power stations?

Cooling towers improve the efficiency of power stations by removing excess heat generated during the power generation process. By releasing this heat into the atmosphere, the power plant's overall efficiency increases as the equipment operates at optimal temperatures. This process helps maintain the performance of the power plant and ensures that it functions effectively.

What is the use of vacuum pump in thermal power plant?

A vacuum pump is used to expel air and non-condensible gases from the condenser in order to allow it to continue accepting steam (the collapse of which produces the vacuum in a condenser). If the vacuum pump fails, it will take from seconds to a few minutes before enough non-condensible gases build up in the condenser to stop the flow of steam. The non-condensible gases come from the boiler feedwater supply, despite the fact that boiler water is treated to prevent this. The minute amount of air in the water is carried with the steam into the turbine then the condenser where it will concentrate unless removed by the vacuum pump.