Facts about Maryland?


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it was cold there and it was found by calverts

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Colonial Maryland Facts: nonononononono

i have no idea but i need the answer for my social studies report on maryland

Vale Summit is a community in Allegany County, Maryland. Vienna is a town in Dorchester County, Maryland.

It is a fort in Baltimore Maryland.

Maryland is in the southern colonies, was founded on 1634, there leader was Lord Baltimore

Xavier Place is the name of a street in La Plata, Maryland.

Some interesting Facts are that tobacco was really found by the indians not the colonists

I have no idea? Who would know!

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Ocean City, Maryland is located in Worcester County, Maryland. It is 36.97 square miles in size. The year-round population of Ocean City, Maryland is 7,089 residents.

EKN Worldwide Kids News - 2003 Flag Facts Maryland was released on: USA: 4 February 2011

AnswerYes, check out the link below.

what job opportunies were avalilble in the 1500's

it was a catholic escape from England in the 1600's thru the 1700's --- Er....No, that's an obvious fact, not a interesting one. I'm looking for interesting facts on colonial Maryland too, actually. a

Some interesting facts about Armenia include it is smaller than Maryland and it produces grapes as well as diamonds for export.

Maryland is the home of the baseball great, babe Ruth.

Francis Scott Key wrote a poem and it is now 'The Star Spangled Banner', Maryland is only about 1 mile wide; it is the narrowest state in the United States.

Maryland has no Natural lakes; only Man Made, The Maryland state flag is one of the oldest in the nation ,Loveville, Ladiesburg, and Friendly are names of towns in Maryland, Famous Baseball Player Babe Ruth grew up there, and The United States Naval Academy was founded at Annapolis.

There are several well known facts about John Albert Burr. He was the inventor of the lawnmower, his parents were freed slaves, and he attended college in Maryland.

The answer can be yes, no or maybe. You need to consult with a lawyer and explain ALL the facts of your situation.

John Wilkes Booth was born in Bel Air, Maryland on May 10th, 1838.

Ocean City, Maryland is located in Worcester County. It is a resort town with an estimated population of 7,102. It was founded in 1875 and covers a total area of 36.37 square miles.

His parents names are Debby (mom) and Robert (dad) He was born on October 8th in Annapolis, Maryland.

Lord Baltimore founded one of the thirteen colonies. He founded Maryland in 1634. His life? ( 1605 -1675 )

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