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Facts about the Sahara Dessert?

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it's hot, and it's in northern Florida

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What is the coldest month in the Sahara dessert?

The coldest month in the sahara dessert is JUNE.

Where is the Sahara dessert located?

The Sahara Dessert is located in the more southern part of Africa

Is Sahara dessert in Zimbabwe?


Where can you find the Sahara Dessert?

The Sahara is found in northern Africa.

A dessert that starts with S and G?

Sahara Dessert and Gobi Dessert is what you're looking for.

What is the habitat of the cuttlefish?

The ocean in Australia in the kelp forests. The sand in the Sahara dessert. in the cactus. The sand in the Sahara dessert. in the cactus.

What is a octopuses habitat?

the Sahara dessert

How do you describe Sahara?

The worlds biggest dessert also pronounced Saharan dessert

Where was frozen yogurt first introduced?

Sahara desert.. they called it sahara dessert

What are 3 facts about the sahara desert?

three facts about the Sahara desert

Where is the largest sand dune?

The Sahara dessert

What are the major landforms of Mali?

Sahara Dessert

Are there sand storms in the Sahara dessert?


A place where it never snows?

Sahara Dessert

Which land region is the driest?

the sahara dessert

What is the name of the biggest dessert in the world?

the sahara

Why is the Sahara Dessert important?

the sahara is important because people might want ti do an expedition

What place in the world has the least rainfall?

Sahara dessert

What is the biggest dessert in tropic island?

The Sahara Desert

What is North America mostly covered in?

sahara dessert

What is the name for desserts in ancient Egypt?

the Sahara dessert

What dessert covers most of northern Africa?

The sahara

Is Sahara dessert located in Africa?

Yes, The Sahara Desert is located in Africa It is one of two deserts there.

Sentence for arid?

The arid dessert of Sahara is found on Africa

Which letter identifies the Sahara dessert on the map?

Letter K