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Facts about the goddess flora?

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flora has a festival named after her called Floralia. you can look that up at

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Who was Flora the Roman goddess?

Flora was the Roman goddess of all flowering plants.

The roman goddess Flora was in charge of what?

Flora was a goddess of flowers and the season of spring.

What is the greek name for the roman goddess Flora?

The Roman goddess Flora was identified with Greek Chloris.

Where does flora come from?

Flora was the Roman goddess of flowers.

Does the Roman goddess Flora have any special powers?

the goddess flora has the power of spring time and flowers .

Who are Flora and Fauna of Ancient Rome?

Flora and Fauna are goddesses of Ancient Rome, Flora the Goddess of flowers and Spring and Fauna, the Goddess of Prophecy and Fruitfulness.

Which roman goddess is also a brand of margarine?

In Roman mythology, Flora was a goddess of flowers and the season of spring."Flora" the margarine was named for "Louis Flora Catlow".

Greek goddess of green and growing?

I believe it is the goddess Flora.

Who was flora the goddess of flowers family?

flora was the god of plants and flower

What was the goddess Flora in charge of?


What was roman goddess flora in charge of?

Blooming flowers as her name "Flora" implies.

What do you mean by flora and fauna explain?

Flora - Roman goddess of plants Fauna - Roman goddess of animals "Flora and fauna" means Nature, the environment of plants and animals living around you.

What does the name flora mean?

flora means beautiful as a flower and is very 'in on it'. Flora also means the Goddess of flowers

Is Proserpina the goddess of flowers?

No, Flora is. Proserpina, or Proserpine was the Roman goddess of springtime.

Who is the god or goddess of flowers?

Persephone in Greek. Proserpine or Flora in Rome. She was a goddess.

Who was the goddess of flowers?

Flora was the Goddess of Flowers. To others it was Demeter. Due to that Demeter was the Goddess of grains and plants.

Where did the word flora come from?

Flora means plantlife and flowers. Flora was a romantic goddess. The beginning of flower FLO also found its way to Flora.

What are facts about Flora and Fauna?

Flora is plants and flowers, and Fauna are animals

Who did the goddess Flora marry?

Favonius, the wind god.

What was the greek goddess Flora's symbol?

Flora was the goddess of flowers and the season of spring, and also of vegetation.

What is the Roman goddess Flora's symbol?

Flora is a goddess of flowers and holds domain over spring/blooming.

What is the story of Flora the goddess of flowers in mythology?

Flora gives the flower to Juno and that makes Juno pregnant with Mars

Did flora the goddess have kids?

No. The Greek Chloris who was the equivalent of the Roman Flora had a son with Zephyros named Karpos (Fruit).

What story about the Roman goddess Flora can be found in Ovid's Metamorphoses?

The Roman goddess Flora appears in Book 5 of the poem Fasti. It was written in 8 AD and structured from a first person perspective.

What is the name of the goddess of flowers?

Persephone in Greek. Proserpine or Flora in Rome.