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he greyhound is the fastest breed of dog

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What is the fastest bread dog?

The Fastest dog breed is the Greyhound.

What is the fattest breed of dog?

Greyhounds are the fastest dog breed there is.

Is the Great Dane the fastest breed of dog?

no but close. I believe the fastest breed is a greyhound

Which breed of dog can run the fastest?

The Greyhound

What is the fastest brees of dog?

The fastest breed of dog is probably the greyhound but poodles love to run and are very fast.

What is the fastest breed of dog?

== ==A Greyhound, I have one!greyhound.

What is the greyhound noted for?

The fastest known breed of dog.

What dog breed is the fastest in the US?

grey hound

Which breed of dog can run fastest?

The greyhound is one of the fastest, but I think the Saluki could be a close competitor as well.

What is the fastest running toy breed dog?

Most likely the Italian Greyhound.

Which breed of dog is believed to be the fastest?

The fastest dog is the Greyhound, they have been clocked at bursts of speed up to 45 miles per hour. At nearly 43 mph, the Saluki is a close second. Whippets come in as the third fastest dog. They've been clocked at 36 mph.The fastest dog breed would ofcourse be Greyhound. They race in dog racesThe Greyhound happens to be the fastest dog breed. Today, people often enter greyhounds in races to compete. They have long legs so that they can run faster. They are really fast runners, and I bet no human can beat them in a race.

What is the most fastest dog on earth?

greyhounds are considered the fastest dog breed. they are used in races. and unfortunetly when they have an accident and get an injury if the owner cant pay for the damage they ditch the dog instead of handing it over to a dog shelter

What breed of dog is the fastest runner?

The two top contenders for this distinction are: greyhounds and whippets.

Which is the second fastest dog breed?

Fastest is a Greyhound they reach speeds of 45 mph, second fastest would probaly be a whippet, Afghan Hound, Saluki, or Borzoi.

What is the fastest terrier?

Since Jack Russells are the 13th fastest dog breed in the worl, I would say they are probably the fastest terrier. I know some one that has a Jack Russells and I have a Rat Terrier and my dog is faster. So i think that a Rat Terrier is the fastest.

How would breed the best race dog?

The most common breed used for racing is the Greyhound as they are the fastest breed. Greyhounds are known to reach speeds of 72km/h.

What is the fastest breed of dog in the world?

The Greyhound, followed by the Whippet, although records vary depending on where you look.

Is a borzoi faster then a greyhound?

No, the Greyhound is the fastest dog breed, yet the Borzoi is a swift runner too.

What is the best breed of dog for long distance running?

greyhounds. they are one of the fastest dogs and can run forever!

What is the fastest dog?

Greyhounds are the fastest dog.

What is the fastest dog in the world?

Greyhounds are the fastest running of all dogs, with their long legs and lanky frames. They are commonly known for their use on the racetrack where they can reach speeds up to 45 MPH 20 m/s.The fastest Breed of dog is the grey hound.

Can toy breed have large breed dog?

No, a dog that is a toy breed has to reproduce with a dog of the same breed. This means that they will produce the same breed of dog. And not a dog out of the toy column.

Is the African wild dog the fastest dog?

No. The fastest dog is a Greyhound.

What is the fastest kind of dog?

The fastest dog is chiuahah

Can a dog out run a cheetah?

No. The fastest dog is the greyhound which some highly trained dogs of that breed level run 40-45 mph. cheetahs run nearly double the fastest dogs speed at around 75 mph.

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