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That can be anything and is not typical as a pregnancy symptom. Take a test.

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Sore legs and fever

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Q: Feeling warm and have sore legs is this a sign of pregnancy?
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Can sore gums be a sign of pregnancy?


Why do you have sore legs during pregnancy?

You're in for a long run, better get used to it! You will experience many aches and pains throughout your pregnancy, especially the farther along you are. At 8 weeks, however, there is no substantial "fetus weight" on any nerves, vessels, or other connected tissue that could radiate pain to your legs. Why this is occurring is an investigation needed to be performed by your ob/gyn. Make a call to the office and ask the nurse on call. She will advise you on whether or not it requires a trip out and will also give you helpful advice on how to avoid it and how to alleviate it when it occurs.

Can constipation sore tummy sore nipples and a darkened area around them be a sign of pregnancy?


You have sore of nipples with colourless liquid bleed is sign of pregnancy?

it may be a sign of pregnancy or it may not be .... you can't be sure until you've taken a pregnancy test!

Are frequent urination and and sore itchy nipples a sign of pregnancy?

AnswerYes it can be, any breast changes can by a sign, if you do not consume dairy you will have far less breast pain. As well the need to urinate a lot is a prime symptom.If you feel the need to urinate but little or nothing comes out, then that sounds more like a urinary track infection. you should see your doctor

Are sore breasts and nipples always a sign of pregnancy?

If this is not a normal sign before your period this could be pregnancy signs. Are you trying to get pregnant? both times i got pregnant i had sore brest and knew i was pregnate before my period was due by a few days because i was very emotional and had boobs that hurt to touch, so it sound sliek a good sign to me. althoguh each person may experiece different symptoms.

Are sore and swollen nipples just a sign of PMS?

That can be sign of pregnancy or PMS. All women are different.