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Two words that are also Roman numerals are "six" (VI) and "nine" (IX).

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MIX=1009 VIM=1006

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Q: Find two words that are also roman numerals?
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What is 2008 in Roman numerals?

MMVIII is the number 2008 in Roman numerals. Can it also be MM11X?

What is dcclvii Roman Numerals?

The given Roman numerals can also be notated as DCCLVII which are the equivalent of 757 in Hindu-Arabic numerals.

Places where you might find roman numerals in the US?

All libraries have books and movies that are often dated with Roman numerals. Also, many voluminous books number their chapters in RN.

Why do Olympics use Roman numerals?

Tradition, and also because Roman numerals are more recognisable than ancient Greek numerals.

What is the other term of numerals?

Numerals are also known as numbers, or sometimes digits. You may also be thinking of Roman Numerals.

What is the 1997 roman Numerals?

MXMXCVII is the number 1997 in roman numerals. This number can be represented as year also.

Why are roman numerals used in the credits of movies?

You may be thinking of the copyright year notation, which is classically shown in Roman Numerals. You can also find these notations classically in books' preface pages, names of Kings, Queens, Popes and on clocks. Sporting events also use Roman Numerals. The answer as to why may be more or less: "we've always done it thata way," or similar.

What is march 26th 2005 in roman numerals?

You can also write March.26th.2005 as 03.26.2005 and the Roman numerals for these are... March.XXVI.MMV or III.VI.MMV.

Is vm 5000 in Roman numerals?

No, but VM or MV is 5000 in Roman numerals. Superscript numerals signifies multiplication by that particular numeral. VM = 5*1000 = 5000 5000 in Roman numerals can also be (V) or V with a bar above it.

In Europe do they still use Roman numerals?

No, nowadays Roman numerals are only used for things such as the regal numbers of kings and queens, for example Henry VIII for Henry the eighth. Roman numerals are also used in chemistry for the oxidation sates of compounds, such as Iron III oxide. Roman numerals are also used on clocks and watches and they also appear as dates in the credits of movies.

What is 9 march 1989 in roman numerals?

9 March 1989 can be represented in Roman numerals as IX.III.MCMLXXXIX.

What is August 13 2008 in Roman numerals?

August 13, 2008, in Roman numerals is XIII.VIII.MMVIII.