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After beating the elite 4 and champ with the national dex (beat Pokemon league with atleast 60 in your pokedex to get national), they will appear randomly in the wild. The dog you get depends on your starter:

  • Bulbasaur-Entei
  • Charmander-Suicune
  • Squirtle-Raikou
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Q: FireRed dog Pokemon
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How do you get the legendary in Icefall cave in Pokemon FireRed?

How do you find the legendary dog in firered. what level does yama evole. how to find a vulpix in firered.

How do you get magical dog in Pokemon FireRed?

Find it on a route in the grass then use the masterball.

Who should you use your masterball on in Pokemon FireRed?

The legendary dog you find the dog that has a type advantage over your starter.

Where do you get the legendary dog Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

they roam around in the wild after you have done everything on the islands but they run away

How do you make the legendary dog Pokemon appear in Pokemon firered?

just go to the pet shop and buy all of them.

What rare dog do you get in Pokemon FireRed?

you cant get or find any rare dogs without cheats

Where do you find Raikou in Pokemon FireRed?

Raikou is a legendary dog Pokemon. It is not in any specific location in Pokemon Fire Red. Instead, you can find it roaming Sinnoh.

What can you do after getting the gems for celio in FireRed?

Fight Mewtwo in cerulean city, and catch the roaming dog Pokemon

How do you get the legendary dog Pokemon in FireRed?

tere is three if you start out with squirtle you get raikou,charmander suikune,and bulbasaur entia

Can you catch more than one dog legendary Pokemon in firered?

No, you can catch only one of them. You have to trade the others.

What is the best fire type Pokemon in FireRed non legendary?

the fire Pokemon that professor oak give ( charmander ) and also growthlite ( a dog Pokemon ) Forgive me if spell wrong

How do you get suicon in Pokemon FireRed?

You would have had to chosen Charizard as your starter Pokemon. Whichever legendary dog appears depends on your starter. You will find your legendary dog randomly in the wild. (you must beat the elite four first)

Where can you catch the dog Pokemon in platinum?

Entei, Raikou, and Suicune are NOT obtainable in Pokemon Platinum.You will either need to catch them in Firered/Leafgreen and migrate them or trade with someone else that has them.

In Pokemon firered can you catch more than one dog legendary?

Yeah but i dont know how 2 get'em plus there lions.

In Pokemon FireRed what legendary Pokemon can you catch?

In Pokemon Fire Red, you can catch Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, a certain legendary dog, and Mewtwo. That's as far as I'm positive on. And MEW ed by: QWERTY

How do you catch a tiger on Pokemon Pearl?

.....i don't know about you, but a tiger isn't a, if your talking about Arcanine (that's the only Pokemon i can think of that can be confused with a tiger, evem though its a dog!) you have to import it from leafgreen and firered.

When should you used the masterball in FireRed?

It's highly recommended to use it on your legendary dog Pokemon whether it's Raikou, Suicune or Entei.

What are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

There isn't one. They are all the rarest. But if you consider it, I might say: The dog pokemon. You can only catch one kind for your starter pokemon. The bird pokemon aren't to rare, because you can catch all of them anyway you play the game.

What do i do after catching mew two on Pokemon FireRed What do you do after caching the dog on fire red?

you can beat the elite four for the second time and complete the national Dex

Where can you find the legendary dog pokemon in diamond?

Entei, Raikou and Suicine are often referred to as the Legendary Beasts or Legendary Dog pokemon. They aren't in Diamond, so you'll have to trade or migrate them. You can do this from the following games: FireRed/LeafGreen, HeartGold/SoulSilver and OmegaRuby/AlphaSapphire.

How do you get a dog Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

Entei, raikou and suicune the three legendary dogs? Well in firered yes you can capture only one of these and it depends on the starter Pokemon you chose, bulbusaur=entei, charmander=suicune, squirtle=raikou. So after beating the elite four getting the national dex and delivering the ruby and sapphire to celio you can find your legendary dog on route 1 in the grass just use the masterball when it does show up.

Where do you find raikuo in Pokemon FireRed?

I found mine in Vermolin city but it s a rare , and uncontrolled event , so you will come across in in the wild at some point again depends on the Pokemon you started off with if you will get that dog

What legendary dog do you get if your starter is Charmander?

you can get any type does not change anything wot your starter Pokemon is ^ That is false I take it you are playing leafgreen or firered, so the correct answer is the roaming dog that has the type advantage over your start that being suicune

Where do you find the legendary dog Pokemon in firered for the first time?

You have to beat the Pokemon league first and then they just appear randomly in the wild depending on the starter Pokemon, Squrtile you get Raickou (Electric type), Charmander (Water type) you get Suicune, Bulbasaur you get Entei (Fire type)

On Pokemon LeafGreen how do you catch raiku?

catch pikachu in viridian forest and then use a thunderstone on it. same for firered and leaf green. ( kkrenzke says- ) they mean the legenday electric dog pokemon, your thinking of Raichu the evolved form of pickachu.