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Some of both.

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Q: First 30 elements of chemistry metal or nonmetal?
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Why is water not a metal or non metal?

In chemistry, the terms metal and nonmetal are reserved for elements. Water is a compound of two different elements: hydrogen and oxygen.

Metal and nonmetal?


What does HON Family in chemistry mean?

it means either metal, nonmetal, mettalloidit means either metal, nonmetal, mettalloid

What are the properties of nonmetal elements?

element that is not metal

Is silver bromide a metal or nonmetal?

The terms "metal" and "nonmetal" are normally applied to elements, not compounds such as silver bromide.

How does the physical state of the elements change as the atomic number increase?

metal -->nonmetal --> gaseous (metal --> nonmetal --> metalloid)

Are most elements metal nonmetal or metalloid?


Is Chromium metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Chromium is a metal. It belongs to transition metal elements.

Is Thiamin a metal nonmetal or a metalloid?

None of the above. Thiamin is a compound and the terms metal, nonmetal and metalloid apply to elements.

Is SO3 a nonmetal or a metal?

SO3 is a compound and therefore is neither a metal nor a nonmetal, because these are types of chemical elements, not of compounds. This particular compound consists of two nonmetal elements, sulfur and oxygen.

Is Sliver metal nonmetal or metalloid?

Silver is a metal. It belongs to transition elements.

Is helium a metal and a nonmetal?

No, helium is not both a metal and a nonmetal. The element helium (He), along with its cousins in Group 18 of the periodic table of the elements, is a monatomic nonmetal.

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