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First colonists of Carolina?

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North or South Carolina?

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The first colonists were English settlers, wealthy landowners from the west indies, and enslaved Africans.

The colony were Africans among the first colonists was South Carolina.

South Carolina was founded in 1663 by nobles and was inhabited by colonists and natives which the colonists traded with.

The first reason Colonists came to South Carolina was because they had no other choice. There was a huge storm at sea and the Colonists that were supposed to land near Massachusetts were forced to find the shore farther south.

Schools are always one of the first organizations that any colony starts - that and churches.

Colonist came to North Carolina for Religious and business freedom

Colonists used land by harvesting crops and raising animals.

it was the Native Americans infact a tribe called Winyaw were there before the colonists.

History has a little proof on it that North Carolina was founded by Virginia colonists.

The purpose of South Carolina is for colonists to move there for religious freedom.

The colonists wore South Carolina cloth dyed with indigo grown in the state.

Most of the early colonists were colonists because of religion. They were not colonists first and religionists second. They were religionists first and that resulted in their becoming colonists.

The original colonists of Carolina used trade as an economic model when establishing the colony. This trade consisted of provisions, Indian captives, and deerskin.

for religious reasons or for jobsANSWER:The main reason for the colony of North Carolina, was for agriculture.The main reasons for the colony of South Carolina, was for agriculture and trade.

new york,north carolina,georgia

Bath, North Carolina was the first town in North Carolina.

What was the first Battle in South Carolina and when was it?

The first colonists to publicly criticize slavery were the Quakers.

They were Christian. There were no Buddhists, Hindus. Muslims or others.

disagreements over how land was divided between the colonists

Colonial America~ Carolina,Maryland,Virgina, and so on.

who were the first inhabitant in north carolina

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