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Columbia April 1981

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Q: First shuttle into space and to return was?
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Which was the first Space Shuttle to go into space and return?

The first space shuttle to launch to space and return was space shuttle Columbia on the 12th of April 1981, only 20 years after Yuri Gagarines historic voyage to space.

What was the First winged space shuttle to launch into space and return?

The Columbia The Columbia

What was the first shuttle into space and to return from space?

I think it is Apollo 17 but im not really sure.

When was the first space shuttle invented?

The first space shuttle invented was the space shuttle enterprise.

What space shuttle launched in 1972 is still in orbit?

The first space shuttle was launch in 1981. Space shuttle missions do not stay in orbit, they are designed to return to Earth after missions generally lasting 1-2 weeks.

What was the first space shuttle to return to earth?

Columbia completed the first shuttle mission to orbit and back successfully and landed on April 14, 1981

What was the 1st name of the space shuttle?

Of the first Space Shuttle; Enterprise. Of the first space worthy Space Shuttle; Columbia.

The first space shuttle?

space shuttle Columbia

When did the first space shuttle go into space?

On April 12, 1981 the space shuttle Columbia was the first shuttle to orbit the Earth.

Which space shuttle exploded in 2003?

The Space Shuttle Columbia. It was the first shuttle to fly into space in 1981.

What US space shuttle first entered space?

Space Shuttle Columbia

What were the first space shuttle missions?

In a space shuttle in space in 1969 in July