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About, asleep, attack, apology, another. A schwa is the neutral vowel sound like the vowel in 'the'.

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Q: Five words with schwa in initial syllables?
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How many syllables are in the words South America?

There are five syllables. South - A-mer-i-ca.

Examples of words with 5 syllables with stress on the second syllable?

Words of five syllables which stressed on the fifth syllables

What are some words with five syllables?

Examination, comprehensible, documentary, satisfactory

What is a list of words that have the schwa sound?

Here are some words that have two vowel sounds, a short and a schwa. Theshort always has strong stress. The schwa always has weak stress. Sometimesthe strong stress is on the second vowel sound, but usually it is on the first. Mark thestrong stress in each word: bútton.óven trústful cóusin stómachabóve dózen adjúst confrónt3 Each weak vowel in those eight words is the sound schwa. Underline the vowelletters that spell schwa in each word. You should find five different spellings of schwa:, , , , and :4 Among those eight words, schwa is spelled in above , adjust , andstomach .5 Schwa is spelled in thym'e'le .6 Schwa is spelled in cousin .7 Schwa is spelled in confront .8 Schwa is spelled in trustful .Other examples include:Schwa is spelled in pleasant , among , and company .Schwa is spelled in sentence , problem , and enemy .Schwa is spelled in president and cousin .Schwa is spelled in confront .Schwa is spelled in succeed and trustful .Schwa is spelled in mountain .Schwa is spelled in ocean .Schwa is spelled in famous .

Which one of the following words has more than four syllables pretentiously considerable accidental or embarrassment?

Considerable. It has five syllables.

Which one of the following words has more than four syllables A pretentiously B considerable C accid?

B. Pretentiously has four syllables. Considerable has five syllables. Accid has two syllables.

How many words can you make out of acceleration?

Ac-cel-er-a-tion has five syllables.

How many syllables in evacuation?

five syllables

How many syllables does photosynthesis have?

Five syllables. :)

Five letter word with two syllables and is a noun?

China (China is a pronoun) canal timer ocean dozen Are all examples of five letter words with two syllables and are all nouns

What is the pattern of syllables in a haiku poem?

First, five syllables. Then there's seven syllables. Third, five syllables. And that's a haiku about how to write haikus.

Five words with more than three syllables?

hippopotomus, millenium, dodecahedron, euphonium, photosynthesis

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