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Fix a Cloudy lacquer finish?


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This is what we call blush, its trapped moisture and needs to be released. fix only when humidity is low, You must respray with lacquer. Add 10 to 25% retarding thinner to the same thinner you were using and spray the surface with the mixed thinners,and allow to dry. The thinner softens the surface film, and the retarding agents slow the drying time,allowing the trapped moisture to escape. If this don't work, wait for a hot "DRY" day. Remove old finish with 0000-steelwool until the cloudy area is removed, blow out your air-tank (bleeder valve) and all lines, (IMPORTANT: tank & lines must be free from moisture). Now you have a dry day, no moisture, recoat with fresh Lacquer. Remember dry. Good-Luck! DRY!