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Flock of black birds?


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A Murder is the collective noun for a group of crows and a group of ravens is called a murder of ravens


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There is no "father" with birds or in a flock of birds.

If there is only one or two white birds in a pretty large flock, it is probably an albino.

A flock of crows is called a "murder".

The collective noun is a flock of birds.

Past tense: The flock of birds was flying. Present tense: The flock of birds is flying. (flock is a collective noun)

A flock of birds. A herd is more of a term used for mammals.

A flock of birds is a flock of birds. But you can also call them: fleet, flock, flight, congregation, parcel, pod, volery or dissimulation, but those are the advanced words for them :3

A flock of sheep.A flock of birds.

birds of same feather flock together

A flock is like, a group of birds.

A flock of birds. OR A flock of sheep.

Do you mean birds of a feather flock together? Because then its feather.

The word flock just means a group of birds of any size.

A flock of birds.

It is a FLOCK of birds.

A flock is a group of birds; there is no specific number that a flock represents. Half of a flock is simply "half of a flock"

The term "a flock of birds" is a noun phrase, a group of words based on a noun that functions as a noun in a sentence.The noun "flock" is functioning as a collective noun for the group of birds.The noun phrase "a flock of birds" also contains the prepositional phrase "of birds".Example functions of the noun phrase:A flock of birds is roosting in the trees along the road. (subject of the sentence)The direction that a flock of birds takesin the fall is usually southbound. (subject of the relative clause)We watched a flock of birds as it disappeared over the horizon. (direct object of the verb 'watched')The lady sits in the park with a bag of crusts for aflock of birds. (object of the preposition 'for')

That is the correct spelling of "flock" (a bunch of birds).

They fly in a flock to keep togther.

A flock can be a group of birds, or a group of sheep.

Most birds flock for protection - They're always safer in a group. While groups of birds within a flock eat, there are sentinel birds, who watch out for danger and warn the eating birds.

Birds of a feather flock together, but all birds cannot fly.

It means a flock of hawks killed them! Keep small animals INSIDE!

a dead animal or circling there pray the birds are scavengers.

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