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Prior to his retirement, Kenny Rogers pitched for the Major League Baseball team, the Detroit Tigers. It's still unclear whether Kenny Rogers formally retired from Major League Baseball.

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Kenny Rogers was born November 10, 1964, in Savannah, GA, USA.

How many wives did Kenny Rogers have and who were they?

According to, Rogers and his family reside in Westlake, Texas during the offseason. Click on the 'Kenny Rogers' link on this page to read a short bio of his life and career.

Kenny Rogers Roasters was created in 1991.

The Kenny Rogers Story was created in 1976.

Kenny Rogers as The Gambler was created in 1980.

Whose Kenny? Sonics a classic but I have no idea who kenny rogers is...

"Lady" by Kenny Rogers was a number in 1981.

Kenny Rogers was born on November 10, 1964.

Kenny Rogers Roasters's motto is 'For Deliciously Healthy Food.'.

Kenny Rogers is still alive as of October 7, 2012.

The Kenny Rogers Singles Album was created in 1979.

Not likely. Have you not noticed the accent? Kenny Rogers, the singer, was born in Houston, Texas.

Kenny Rogers has been married five times.

The cast of Kenny Rogers Live in Concert - 1983 includes: Sheena Easton as herself Kenny Rogers as himself

Opposite: Lionel Richie wrote "Lady" for Kenny Rogers.

The Best of Me - Kenny Rogers song - was created in 1985.

"Lady" was a number 1 hit song for Kenny Rogers in 1981.

The cast of Kenny Rogers Going Home - 1995 includes: David Foster as himself Dolly Parton as herself Kenny Rogers as himself

The cast of Kenny Rogers and the American Cowboy - 1979 includes: Charlie Daniels as himself Mac Davis as himself Kenny Rogers as himself

Kenny Rogers not to be mistaken as Mr. Rogers, was never a host on Jackass. However, Rogers and his restaurant were the subject of many skits where he was impersonated by Will Sasso.

Kenny Rogers (born August 21, 1938 in Houston, Texas) is an American country music singer-songwriter.

Lucille - Kenny Rogers song - was created on 1977-01-24.

Christmas from the Heart - Kenny Rogers album - was created in 1998.

Actor-singer Kenny Rogers is 79 years old (born August 21, 1938).MLB pitcher and coach Kenny Rogers is 53 years old (birthdate: November 10, 1964).

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