Formula for Heat loss in a pipe?

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pips are generally cylindrical in structure of amount of heat loss through pipe is given by the formula Q= 2 pi k L(T1-T2)/ln(r2/r1) where k=conductivity of material of which pipe is made T1= temperature of inside layer pipe T2=temperature outside layer of pipe L= length of pipe r1= inner radius r2=outer radius ln=natural logrithem pi=22/7 the above condition applies for steady state flow,single layer over cylinder and neglecting conductivity convection to take conductivity convection into account term Q* must be added Q*=2 pi L{ r1 hi(Ti-T1)+r2 ho(T2-To)} hi=convective coefficient for inside layer ho=convective coefficient for outside layer Ti= temperature of inside space of pipe To=temperature of outside space of pipe for unsteady condition there is another formulaa
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How does color affect heat loss?

Rather than thinking of them as absorbers of heat, darker colors are better absorbers of light and thereby become better radiators of heat. Consider the following: The color of an object depends on the wavelengths of colors reflected from the object. A red apple is red because red wavelengths in w ( Full Answer )

What is formula for calculation of line loss?

Line loss equations are complicated by transmission environment and temperature? Transmission env. - Include wire type, bus impedance in switching fields, etc. Temperature - Temperature can change the wire resistance and thus line loss. Electric energy is transported across the countryside with high ( Full Answer )

What is the formula for water flow in a pipe?

- volumetric water flow - liters per second (L/s) A_*_c_/1000_ =_vf "> A * c / 1000 = vf A = Inside area of the pipe (cm 2 ) c = Velocity of water (cm/s) vf = Water flow (L/s) Or - mass flow rate - kilograms per second (kg/s) m . _ = _ ρ _ *_c_*_A "> m . ( Full Answer )

Why is copper used for heating pipes?

Because it is EASY to use FAST to install gives up heat faster then steel or cast Iron and just about anyone above the age of 4 can solder it and it is light to handle

Formula of heat?

The formula for heat is changing based on a few different factors.For example some materials create heat because they are mixed whileothers must be burned to produce heat.

Head loss in a pipe?

when a pump is used to pump a fluid into a vertically arranged pipe , fixed upright; the fluid would reach a certain height at which point the fluid would stop in a pipe. this height at which the fluid has stopped propelling upward could be described as the head of water. this measure relate ( Full Answer )

What is the formula to find pressure loss in fire fighting pipe lines?

The British fire and rescue services use the following formula for calculating the pressure loss due to friction in firefighting hose:. P f = 9000 f l L 2 / d 5 bar. where. P f is the frictional loss of pressure, in bar f is the friction factor f = 0.005 for 70 mm or 45 mm hose f = 0.0 ( Full Answer )

What insulates against heat loss?

Thermal insulation hinders the loss of heat energy. Clothing actsas thermal insulation for human bodies. In buildings, thesematerials are often used as thermal insulation: plant straw, woodfiber, cellulose, polystyrene, vermiculite, urethane foam, perlite,recycled cotton denim.

What is the formula for profit and loss?

I have a question. If two persons A and B got the profit of 9600 and they shared the profit in 5:7 ratio. then what is the share of A. Give me the step by step solution. first i want to tell u that u wrote question in the answer coulumn well the answer of ur question is ; the sum of the ratio is 5 ( Full Answer )

How do you stop heating pipes from banging?

on a potable water system you can either use a water hammer arrestor or an air chamber. An air chamber is a length of pipe with a cap on it (6"-8") facing up

What is heat number of pipes?

It is a number that allows the pipe to be traced all the way back to the metal it was made from, important for quality control.

What trademen build heating pipes?

The installing tradesmen are Master plumbers /Gas fitters /steam fitters HVAC mechanics who install the piping and other related equipment

Heat loss in copper pipes?

The thickness of the pipe will effect the loss rate. Best thing to do is buy thermal isulating foam, normally comes in tubes will a slit down one side so it can be slid over the pipe easily. Also depending on the the fluid inside the conduit ( pipe ) and diameter, ambient temp, and location, you m ( Full Answer )

What is the formula for weight of water in a pipe?

First, get the volume of water in the pipe. Assume the pipe is completely full, and the formula for the Volume = Volume = Pi (3.14159) X Radius of pipe 2 X Length of pipe Then convert Volume to Weight. So, for 10 feet of 4" Inside Diameter pipe: Radius = 1/2 * Diameter = 1/2 * 4 inch ( Full Answer )

Formula for hysteresis loss?

hysteresis loss= K B^1.6 egs/sec where k is STEINMEITZ coefficient and B is the maximum magnetic flux density

What is formula of loss on drying?

W2 - w3 / w2 -w1 x 100 w1 - wt of empty bottle w2 - wt of sample w3 - wt of bottle with sample after 1-3 hrs of drying in vacuum .

Formula of flow of the pipe?

The velocity of fluid in pipe is expressed as v=(4x q)/(DxDxpi).Where D is the inner pipe diameter and q is the volumetric flowrate.

What is pipe friction loss?

The energy lost through friction as a fluid flows through a pipe. The amount of energy lost is dependent on both the characteristics of the fluid (viscosity, density) and the pipe (roughness, diameter, length) as well as the rate of flow.

Why heat gained and heat loss?

Since heat flows from high temperature region to low temperature region so when a hotter body comes in contect with colder body then hotter body loses heat to colder body until both have same temperature.

What is the formula to layout pipe saddles for joining pipe at angles?

I edited and uploaded a program I wrote to calculate pipe saddle layout, pipe miter layout, and to calculate running offsets for piping runs. I have used similar programs in the past to get information to pipe fitters. I am using and evaluating a conversion program that limits what I can upload duri ( Full Answer )

What happens when you heat a metal pipe?

of course you have a wide range temperature range left unspecified, but generally as far as the physics of any metal (with variations) would indeed expand in both length and width by a small fraction of an inch. the problem often is that when metal heats then cools rapidly it will inevitably crack - ( Full Answer )

Give the formula of profits and loss?

a man purchased a dozen pens for rs 25 each and them at rs 28 each.find the total profit as well as the profit per cent on the transaction.

Does heat cause weight loss?

Sort of, but not really. The weight you lose by exposing yourself to heat is water loss due to sweating. You'll put that weight back on once you've quenched your thirst again. And going around thirsty and deydrated is not a healthy thing.

What is insensible heat loss?

Also Latent Heat Loss. The heat that is lost through the continuous, unnoticed water loss that occurs with vaporization accounting for 10% of basal heat production. Evaporation accounts for the greatest heat loss when body head increases.. Does not result in temperature increase of surrounding air.

How you can reduce radiation heat loss?

for instance, Heat loss through the roof of the house can be reduced by laying loft insulation. This works in a similar way to cavity wall insulation.

What is the formula to layout pipe miters?

There is no exact formula to lay out pipe miters, but there isinformation that must be known to calculate the layout. Thisincludes the diameter, wall thickness, angle, and offset.

What is heat loss formulae of water flow through PPR-C pipe line?

you have first to know the thermal conductivity of PPR that you are dealing with. normally, this is in range between 0.1 to 0.24 W/MK .then you apply this formula Q(IN WATTS) =Thermal Conductivity/MK)*A( surface area for the pipe M2 )temperature difference between fluid inside pipe and temprture of ( Full Answer )

Can you heat up lead piping?

Yes, lead has a relatively low melting point and a poor thermal conductivity. Thus in a Sulphuric acid manufacturing plant, when small holes appear in the surface of the lead tanks containing the acid, it is simple to weld a lead patch over the hole. Most impressive!

How does respiration cause heat loss?

Thermoregulation is the ability of an organism to keep its body temperature within certain boundaries, even when the surrounding temperature is very different. This process is one aspect of homeostasis : a dynamic state of stability between an animal's internal environment and its external envir ( Full Answer )

Do condenser loss heat?

Of course it does since the temperature at the enter is not the same at exist . San

What is a heat no on pipe?

Used for inspection. Heat numbers make it possible to trace pipe from spools fabricated on a job to material documentation from a given melt. The matching documents will tell when and where the pipe was made, the material used and the pipe grade etc.

Disadvantages of heat pipe?

Heat pipe collectors must be mounted with a minimum tilt angle of around 25° in order for the internal fluid of the heat pipe to return to the hot absorber.

How can a mammal reduce its loss of heat?

By growing a winter coat, (extra long hair during the winter) and wisely standing together in herds that increase the heat among all it members...

How do you prevent heat loss in a transformer?

Heat production can be reduced and it cannot be prevented. Reduce current density by increasing conductor cross section or increase core area to reduce copper content. In both cases there are limits. Answer If you prevented heat loss from a transformer, then its temperature would continue to ri ( Full Answer )

Is hysteresis loss considered heat loss?

In general even though energy is lost during hysteresis it is not called as heat losses . Generally I 2 R losses are called as heat losses because in these tye of only in these energy is lost in the form of real heat

How does a thermostat prevent heat loss?

A thermostat does nothing to prevent the loss of heat. That's the job of insulation. All the thermostat knows is to turn the heater on when the temperature drops below some number.

What is the formula for pipe fitting?

I believe what you are really asking is "What are the standard allowances for length?" Or in other words, how long should the threads be on the pipe? In general, the thread legnth is equivalent to the nominal pipe diameter. That is, if you are working with 1" pipe, you want to have 1" of thread in t ( Full Answer )

What is the formula for calculating loss?

You calculate loss the same as you would do profit income minus expenses (outgoings) = profit/loss If the answer is negative then you are making a loss, if the answeris positive then you are making a profit.