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French film directors?

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Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Pier Melville, François Truffaut, Jean Renoir, Robert Bresson, Henri-George Clouzot.

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Black film directors who won an Oscar?

No black film directors have ever won an Oscar.

When was Federation of European Film Directors created?

Federation of European Film Directors was created in 1980.

What is a film directors salary?

Film direectors median salary is $52.840 of course if the film directors are very good they will earn more. top directors make millions a year.

Telugu film directors office address in hyderabad?

telugu directors

How can you get contact address of kannada film directors?

If you want kannada film directors address or email id you go to find in film director association.

When film directors aren't directing a movie what do they do?

Film directors are people who live lives with their families and friends. Just like you when you're not working, you live your life, film directors are afforded the same human luxury.

Do film directors or music producers raise money for a film?

film producers

Who is a film directors boss?

The Producer of the film, who hires the director

What has the author John J Michalczyk written?

John J. Michalczyk has written: 'The French literary filmmakers' -- subject(s): Film adaptations, Film and video adaptations, French literature, Motion picture producers and directors, Motion pictures 'Resisters, Rescuers, and Refugees' 'Ingmar Bergman' -- subject(s): Biography, Motion picture producers and directors

Why is film considered a director's medium?

why is film considered a directors medium

Who are the people that hire film directors?


What do film directors do?

Film Directors are in charge of directing the creative aspects of a film, from start to finish. This includes the story, and potentially with the producer (who pays the bills) hiring of the crew, production overseeing, and overseeing the final edit. Film directors work all over the world on location, on film sets and in pre- and post-production facilities.

Film directors job secure?

Film directors are hired by project, and by the production company funding the project. Except for contractual securities related to each project, there are no 'job' securities for a film director.

What can you make that is creative and involves film directing for an oral presentation about film directing and directors?

I recommend a film.

Where do film directors work?

Film directors work in their offices, on movie lots, movie sets and informally, where ever they find themselves in contact with other talent.

Is there any websites for Tamil film directors?


List of Hindi film assistant director?

Two Hindi film assistant directors include: Farhan Akhtar and Zoya Akhtar. Also, Imtiaz Ali and Shaad Ali are Hindi film assistant directors.

Who were the producers of the film the Matrix or directors and where were the Matrix movies filmed?

Larry and Andy Wachowski were the directors and they were filmed in Australia.

How do you say a silent film in french?

a silent film is 'un film muet' in French.

How do you say adventure film in French?

An adventure film is "un film d'aventure" in French.

Are the film directors Charles Vidor and King Vidor related?


Do film directors have managers or agents?

how long is venus rotation

Do movie directors really film naked people?


Is the film a masculine word in french?

le film, un film is a masculine noun in French.

What are the release dates for L'enfant noir - 1995?

L'enfant noir - 1995 was released on: France: May 1995 (Cannes International Film Festival: Directors' Fortnight) USA: 6 April 1997 (VCU French Film Festival)