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Most Austrailian immigrsnt come from Quba'Austraila and Mexico


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Australia has the most immigrants ion the country of Australia.

Most of Canadas Immigrants are from South America the Carribbean Asia and some from Africa Hope it some what helped

where did most immigrants come from in 1992 Europe,Asia,or the Americas

the majority of immigrants depends on what part of the country you are in. in the Midwest area/central Mexico is first and Vietnam is right behind them.

The biggest immigrant population in Spain is people from Romania.

It depends on what country you are talking about. In the U.S. most come from Mexico. In the UK, most come from Spain. In Brazil, most come from Argentina and Chile.

Millions of people come to this country because America is addicted to cheap labor.

Most immigrants speak the language of the country from which they came.

They most likely hid on trade ships to travel over as illegal immigrants, but some may have gotten married to stay in the country. Otherwise, they were out of luck.

Most immigrants came from Asia and the European areas of the world.

England.Most of the immigrants in the 1800's came from Europe.

Mexico, China, Phillipines, India, Cuba, Columbia is where most of the immigrants come from but there are more xxx

Most come from Switzerland or Germany.

Most immigrants to the United States came from Europe and Britain.

Most southern Italian immigrants to the United States had been farmers in their home country.

Australia allows the most immigrants into the country than any other country. In 2011, Australia allowed 70,000 new immigrants into the country.

Some of the most successful Australian immigrants are:Frank LowyHarry TriguboffZhenya TsvetnenkoRichard PrattMaha SinnathambyJohn Hemmes

Italy, Poles, Greece, Russia, and Hungry are were most of the immigrants came from after 1885.

In the 1800's, most immigrants came from Europe to the United States.

Perhaps not surprisingly, they come from Germany.

The country that sent the most immigrants to the United States between 1830 and 1860 was Ireland.

Most of the immigrants in the late 1800's came from Germany, Ireland and England.

Europe did , it had the most people come because of all the parts of Europe.

Most immigrants settled in America cities. Most of the immigrants had come to America in search of job opportunities which could be found easily in the major cities and towns.

Immigrants can come to Texas from anywhere in the world. It is most common for Mexicans to emigrate to Texas, due to the close proximity.

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