Full form of HSSC

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Higher Secondary school Certificate

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Higher secondery school certificate

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Q: Full form of HSSC
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Can you submit your admission form of hssc part 1 in federal board Pakistan as a private candidate?


When fbise will announce result of hssc-2?

when will announced result of hssc.2

Result of hssc 1 2010 fbise?

hssc 1 result is on 10 august

Hssc part 2 ajk?

hssc part 2 rwp ki date sheet

Hssc date sheet for hssc exams Federal board?

Type your answer here... 8 April

Result of HSSC part 1 2009?

when the result of hssc part 1 2009 will be anounced

Goa board hssc exam seat nos?

sitting arrangemnt of HSSC board at panjim goa

When result hssc 2 2012 will be announced?

I think 15 august is the date for hssc 2 result.......

What is the meaning of hssc?

"HSSC" is not a word in English language. -possibly an abbreviation like 'Higher Secondary School Certificate'

When will the FBISE HSSC part 1 result come?

The HSSC part 1 result will come in the next year.

When will be fbise announce the result of hssc 1 2011?

after Hssc II's result which will b probably in the 1st week of august

Tell you the result of HSSC 2010 r no 14081mardan?

is the result of hssc 2010 14081 mardan board mardan