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Around bend after bend

It was blown woods and no end

I came to but one house

I made but the one friend

At the one house, a child was out

Who drew back at first in doubt

But spoke to me in a gale,

That blew so he had to shout.

His cheek smeared with apple sand,

A part apple in his hand

He pointed up the road

As one having war command

A parent, his gentler one

Looked forth on her small son

And wondered with me there

What now was being done

His accent was not good

But I slowly understood

Something where I could go

He couldn't, but I could

He was too young to go

Not over four or so

But would I please go to school

And the big flag they had - You know?

The big flag - the red - white -

and blue flag - the great sight?

He bet it was out today

And would I see if he was right?

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Q: Full text of Not of School Age by Robert Frost?
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