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Removes waste

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In an earthworm what is the function of the nephridia?

The nephridia are tubelike structures that filter wastes from the blood

What is the function of the nephridia?

it is weird it grinds the food:]

What is the function of a nephridia on a earthworm?

The function of an earthworm's nephridium is to excrete wastes from the earthworm's body.

What is the function of nephridia?

They remove metabolic wastes from an animal's body.

What is the function of the nephridia in an earthworm?

They remove metabolic wastes from an animal's body.

What are nephrida?

if you mean nephridia (an extra 'i' second to end) they are specialised organs that function similar to kidneys in that they are used for osmoregulation and excretion. In annelids (which are segmented worms) there is one pair of nephridia per segment.

What does the nephridia do for a earth worm?

The nephridia serves as a kidney :)

What is the function of the squids nephridium?

A Nephridiumis an invertebrate organ which occurs in pairs and function similar to kidneys. Nephridia remove metabolic wastes from an animal's body.

How many nephridia are in each segments?

An earthworm has two nephridia in nearly every segment.

How many nephridia are present in an earthworm segment?

about 2 nephridia are present per segment

Which segments lack nephridia?

In an earthworm, nephridia occur in all body segments except the first three segments. Integumentary nephridia are V-shaped and lack nephrostomes.

What is nephridia?

Nephridia are organs that secrete waste products, similar in general purpose to the human kidney.

Do humans have nephridia?


Nephridia are part of the what system?

They are part of the excretory system. They generally filter nitrogenous wastes from the blood and their function is analogous to the kidneys in mammals.

Which structures are not adaptations for locomotion?


Waste is eliminated in with nephridia?


What is the excretory organ of earthworm?


What do animals use nephridia for?


Which organs makes up the excretory system in the earthworm?

The excretory system contains a pair of nephridia in every segment, except for the first three and last one.There are three types of nephridia : integumentary, septal and pharyngeal nephridia. The integumentary nephridia lie attached to the inner side of the body wall in all segments except the first two. The septal nephridia are attached to both sides of the septa behind the 15th segment. The pharyngeal nephridia are attached to 4th, 5th and 6th segment. The nitrogenous wastes are removed by the rhythmic beating of the cilia of the nephridiostomes. The excretory wastes are then finally discharged into the gut.

Waste is eliminated in what with nephridia?

the black man

Water and nutrients are reabsorbed from the nephridia into?


What is the organ which cleans a mollusks hemolymph?


Where does mechanical digestion occur in the earthworm?


In annelids nitrogen containing wastes are eliminated by?


What does the earthworm's nephridia do?

the kidney, which is part of the excretory system.

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