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There is Panfu is But not member free

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2012-08-15 18:35:37
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Q: Games like moshi monsters and club penguin but member free?
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Do you have to be a member to get Peppy the moshling on Moshi Monsters?

No, you do not have to be a (paid) member on Moshi Monsters to get Peppy the Stunt penguin.

What is more popular moshi monsters or club penguin?

Of course moshi monsters! Even if you're not a member you can decorate your house club penguin its so bad you can't decorate your igloo unless you are a member!

What games that are the same as moshi monsters?

club penguin!

How do you get Peppy the Penguin on Moshi Monsters without being a member?

You have to be either a free Basic Member or a paid Moshi Member to get Peppy the Stunt Penguin on Moshi Monsters.071 Peppy the Stunt Penguin [Birdies] any Moon Orchid, Red Moon Orchid, Yellow Magic Bean

What is something like Moshi Monsters?

Online games that are like Moshi Monsters include Club Penguin and Neopets.

What is better to be a member on club penguin or moshi monsters?

moshi monsters.. no club penguin even though its expencive. with moshi monsters it took me two months to find the membership cards.its such a penguin you get to do more stuff but Club Penguin have MORE game than Moshi Monster. Dress up your penguin and have puffles! Club Penguin is way BETTER than Moshi Monster!

Do you have a member club penguin i can have?

kids these days. . . . . always on clubpenguin and moshi monsters.

How do you get moshi coins on Moshi Games?

Rox are the 'coins' used to buy things on Moshi Monsters. You can not get Rox on the Moshi Games website as it is separate from the Moshi Monsters website. If you want to get Rox for playing games, you have to play the games as a member on the Moshi Monsters website.

Are there any games like binweevils?

Club Penguin Moshi Monsters

Any vitual games like Club Penguin?

moshi monsters

What Games like Bin Weevils and Club Penguin?

Moshi monsters

What are some games like club penguin and fantage?

Moshi monsters

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