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Gas swimming pool heaters or electric heaters?


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My propane company advised me NOT to use my pool heater. They said my pool heater would burn 5 to 6 gallons of propane per hour.


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There are many gas pool heaters. Most are efficient and cost less to run than electric heating.

With gas, solar, electric equipment

With a thermostatically controlled gas heater. Solar heaters are also used for pools.

"Rheem does manufacture both gas and electric water heaters. Rheem currently offers 18 different varieties of gas water heaters and 9 different varieties of electric water heaters. Both types of Rheem water heaters are known for their rigorous standards, reliability, and efficiency."

Gas heaters can be more economical. If there is a high supply of gas in the area it would have cheaper prices. Electric can be cheaper in other areas though.

Solar pool heaters help the environment by using the sun's light in place of gas or electricity to heat the pools.

Gas water heaters are better than electric water heaters. Although they are not exactly or completely environmentally healthy, they do save you a lot more money and heat up much better.

The best pool heater depends on what kind of heater you want for your pool. There are solar heaters, gas heaters, and pump heaters. The up and coming heaters are of the solar variety and they are currently the best out there. They are low maintenance, save you energy costs, and last for a long time.

Propane are the best, they throw out a lot of heat

You use a water heater, which may be electric or gas, to circulate the pool water through and maintain temperature.

Gas water heaters CAN be more dangerous than electric ones if they are allowed to fall into disrepair. If you keep your water heater maintained, then they are just as safe as their electric counterparts.

Gas heaters are much more efficient. Electric resistance heaters are, by nature, hideously inefficient.

Call a swimming pool tech to trouble shoot then show you how everything works.

Unless you have an ozonator, which would inject ozone (O3) to sanitize, there are no gases added to the water of a swimming pool.

One of the best electric hot water heaters on the market is Reliance Lowboy and Reliance 80 gal. The are sold at Ace Hardware. There is a web site that rates hot water heaters and that is They list all the top rated electric and gas hot water heaters.

No, paying for the gas will add up to a larger sum than paying with your electric company. Also the installation will cost you, in the end it's best to keep with what you have unless it will help you out greatly.

Usually, house Hot Water tanks are either Electric or Natural Gas and trailer tanks are propane. Both are made the same except for the gas or electric input.

Gas heaters can't really compete with solar for being green, and cheap in the long term. However, the actual service they provide is a viable alternative to solar in terms of simply being able to get the task completed.

The final word in pool heatersthe best wood stove pool heater 1. The Sun2. gas heater3. electric heater4. gas/electric hybrid heater5. fire (an upside down fire. ps- don't get the fire wet)6. A hot car (Not hot as in cool:)) dip a hot car in the pool to cool the car and heat the pool.7. Hot pavement (Figure out how by yourself (i charge a small fee)8. several people working out in the pool9. your house stove but technically that is the same as #2 & #310. A hairdryer plan for extra time.oh...and .. your welcome

Goodman Manufacturing Inc. makes their own heaters. They manufacture gas furnaces, electric furnaces and heat pumps for residential and lite commercial.

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