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give atleast 20 examples of antonyms

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Q: Give at least 20 examples of antonyms and synonyms?
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What reference book would give examples of both synonyms and antonyms?


What kind of reference book would give you examples of synonyms and antonyms?


Are donate and confer synonyms or antonyms of give?

Donate and confer is are synonyms of give

Can you give 50 words with their antonyms and synonyms?

50 words synonyms.

Could you give meanings of words that are synonyms and antonyms?


Can you give me at least fifty examples of synonyms?

Yes, I can. I keep them all at the link, below.

Can you give me 100 examples of antonyms?

To find antonyms and synonyms of words use a thesaurus. There are many online. In addition most good word processing programs have them built in. Lots of dictionaries also provide them.

Can you give me 10 examples of synonyms and antonyms?

Some synonyms include:Happy and gladNear and closeSunny and brightQuickly and rapidlyThin and narrowFair and justHopeful and optimistic Sad and gloomyUnder and belowSelect and chooseSome Antonyms include:Up and downSlow and fastBlack and whiteBig and littleOver and underHere and thereWet and dryClean and dirtyTall and shortSmooth and rough

What are synonyms and antnonyms for gather?

Your synonyms might be: 'to acquire' or 'to take'... your antonyms may be: 'to scatter' or 'to give away' !

Can you Give me at least one hundred examples of words with synonyms?

big- huge sad-unhappy happy-glad

Give you a crossword puzzle of antonyms and synonyms?

mene hi q. pucha tha

What are the simple example of synonyms and antonyms?

Synonyms are two or more words that have the same meaning.For example, joy and happiness are considered synonyms.Antonyms are two or more words that have opposite meanings.For example, up and down are antonyms.A thesaurus is a good source for looking up synonyms, and will often list antonyms as well.