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The most common example of condensation is the formation of dew. Water vapor from the air forms on surfaces as the temperature drops. Another example of condensation is the fog that begins to form on the windows in a car due to body heat and sweat or heavy breathing.

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Q: Give examples of condensation?
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Examples of condensation?

The moist of a hot food when covered is an example of condensation.

Two examples of condensation?

- condensation of clouds to form rain or snow- condensation of ethanol vapors in a distillation apparatus

What are the examples of condensation?

fog into rain

Why does condensation occur?

Condensation is basically dew. Examples of this is dew forming on plants at night.

Examples of a gas changing into a liquid?


What are some examples of condensation outside?


What are non examples of condensation?

nothing stupid

Define physical change and give five examples?

the change of a substance but it retains certin qualites ex: freezing condensation, evaporation,condensing

What examples of condensation do you see on the earth?

The dew in the morning

What are two common examples of evaporation?

The clouds and condensation

Examples of physical equilibrium?

Evaporation vs condensation

Give 2 examples of condensation?

Condensation is what happens when a gas changes to a liquid. Two examples are when night air hits a parked car window and condensates into a foggy, dew covered window. Another is when the air outside a glass condensates and forms water as the ice inside the glass melts.

Is dew an example of condensation?

No, dew is thick, most of the time. Examples of condensation include; Heat on a cold window, or mist.

Give you 2 examples of physical and chemical change with water?

Physical changes: vaporization, condensation.Chemical changes: reaction with sodium, reaction with calcium oxide.

Some examples of condensation in everyday life?

the kettle and the engines of a Car

What are 3 physical changes to water?

Examples are vaporization, condensation, freezing.

What are 10 examples of condensation in your daily life?

The change from gas to solid

What are some real life examples of evaporation and condensation?

rain is precipitation that condensed from the atmosphere (condensation). puddles evaporate into the atmosphere after it rains (evaporation).

What does condensation give off?

its when a gas turns into a liquid

What are the examples of improved by technology and give the examples?

give me examples of inventors

Is water evaporating and condensation are examples of a chemical change?

no. Those are physical changes.

What are the examples of condensation in your daily life?

The water and/or ice on my windshield every morning.

What are examples of condensation?

There are many examples for condensation in our daily life.Among the most common is the changing of steam into water.When a lid is placed on a pot of boiling water, and when you remove the lid after some time, you will see droplets of water on the inside of the lid.Condensation is used for cooling, too, as in the case of nail polish remover becoming dry, the rotating of an electric fan to give cool air, etc.

Give five examples of virtue give five examples of virtue?

give the five examples of heredilable traits

List two examples of condensation?

* Windows misting up * Dew on grass & leaves