Give examples of each of the 4 types of aggregate expenditure Which of the 4 represent the largest share of GDP in Australia Can any of the expenditure components ever be negative Explain?

The four components of aggregate expenditure are: consumption- household spending on durable and non durable goods and services, such as necessities like health care, food etc. (60% of total spending) Investment- Business expenditure on new capital equipment which will go on to produce final goods and services in the future. Eg. tools, sewing machines, aircrafts, factories. (15-20% of total spending) Government- current expenditure that provides for day to day functions of government. - Also includes capital expenditure to provide for future needs e.g. schools, roads, power etc. (20-25% of total spending) Net Exports- the value of goods and services sold to overseas companies, minus the value of goods and services bought from overseas.( +1 ~ -1% of total spending) Aggregate expenditure can be expressed by an equation that involves these four components. AE= C (consumption) + I ( investment) + G (government) + (X-M) (Net exports)