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East Or West Science is the best

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Q: Give some slogans for science?
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Can you give me some Science Slogans?

The Appliance of Science - Zanussi [washing machines etc.] Vorsprung durch Technik - Audi cars [Roughly translates as :Forward through technology]

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give me answer

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There are many slogans such as "Give me liberty or give me death!" or "United we stand, divided we fall" you just have to look up some and presto there you have tons and tons of slogans! Also, theres books you can read.

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slogan for science in physics part

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Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Death -Patrick Henry

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Progressive Technologist Building Scientific Dreams

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here are some sloganadventure is fun

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science is the best but character is the rest

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can you give me some branches of science?

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1. hoala hoala science hai ! 2. tola tola science hai! 3. good science! 4. science a man made mAGIC 5. SCIENCE A BOON!

Any slogan in science?

Science does not really have slogans, although some phrases have come to be well known, such as Darwin's phrase, survival of the fittest.

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pakagat ka nalang

Slogans related to science a bane or a boon?

Science related slogans are a great concept. They help people to remember scientific facts and to make science interesting. Anything that gets people excited about science is a boon to the subject.

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No slogans in chemistry !

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No slogans for chemical elements; chemistry is a science. see related link