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diffusion- it is the type of passing of liquid from one part to another. it has semi-permeable membrane to pass the liquid.

osmosis-it is the type of passing liquid but it has no membrane.

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Q: Give the difference between diffusion and osmosis?
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Give 2 examples of passive transport?

Passive transport is when molecules pass freely through the membrane moving from the higher concentration area to the region of lower concentration. Three examples of this are diffusion, osmosis, and active transport.

Explain the differences between osmosis diffusion active transport and bulk transport and give examples of materials exchanged by different methods with a justification in each case?

In diffusion, molecules travel from a higher concentration to a lower concentration. When you put a drop of ink in a glass of water, the spreading of the ink in the water is called diffusion. Similarly, if you spray an air freshener in one corner of a room, eventually people on the other side of the room will be able to smell it as well because the scent has diffused. In osmosis, molecules also travel from higher concentration to a lower concentration. However, osmosis specifically refers to the movement of WATER molecules. Both of these types of transport are examples of passive transport, which requires no energy

What process moves oxygen from the alveoli to the capillaries?

The process is usually referred to as diffusion. This happens when concentrations in different areas interchange to give a more even mixture. Going through a membrane ( in this case the lung's alveoli wall ) would more properly require the process to be called osmosis, but that term is not usually used medically.

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Give 3 examples of osmosis in living organisms?

the osmosis is special examples of diffussion

What type of diffusion takes place when a plant cell absorbs water?

The plant cell absorbs water by simple diffusion and osmosis. Also water can pass from cell to cell through the Plasmodesmata (which are communication channels through the cell wall from cell to cell, providing a very easy and important method for water transportation between the cells ). Also, the large area inside the cells occupied by the vacuoles increases the osmotic pressure ,and that in turn facilitates diffusion. It's note worthy that water passes through many different types of diffusion before reaching the cell environment where it will be absorbed by simple diffusion as we have said. To give you an example about the journey of water from the roots to the cells, the plant vessels absorb water by using methods like diffusion and active transport. In the Phloem, Sucrose is absorbed by active transport ( a process that increases the osmotic pressure ) and as a consequence water enters inside it by osmosis.

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