Gpa to transfer to yale

Updated: 11/9/2022
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3.9 on 4.0 scale. Good Luck...

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Q: Gpa to transfer to yale
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Is a 3.5 GPA and lots of extracurriculars enough to transfer to Yale or Dartmouth?

It really depends on a case by case basis. Yale and Dartmouth do not have specific GPA cutoff's, however both are extremely competative to get into. The best thing you can with that GPA is make sure you have excellent reccomendations and and a very strong essay about why Yale or Dartmouth would be the best shool for you.

Can 3.1 GPA's help you get into Yale?


What was ben Carson GPA at yale?

what was Ben Carson GPA

If you have a 3.79 GPA at a community college is it likely for you to be able to transfer to an ivy league school?

Most likely, you can not transfer credit from a community college to a prestigious ivy league school like Harvard or Yale regardless of GPA because they want you to complete four years at their university.

What is the average GPA of students admitted to yale university?

In the 2011-2012 admissions cycle, the median GPA (unweighted) of students admitted to Yale was 4.00. This means that 4.00 was the most common GPA to show up among students who were accepted to Yale that year.

What are your chances of getting into Yale if you have a 4.5 GPA and photography awards?

If you have a 4.5 GPA the chances of you getting in to Yale are high. You should apply early, so that you can be included in both decisions.

Which football team in the NCAA has the highest average GPA?

The Florida Gators basketball team has the highest GPA. The next four are Kentucky, Rollins, Yale, and Harvard. These are the top 5 GPA NCAA basketball teams.

What is the required GPA score with a 4.0 range to get into Yale?

3.5 - 4.0

GPA needed for automatic admission to yale university?

4.0 hahah

What's the lowest GPA accepted to Yale Medical School?


What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into Yale University School of Medicine?

1.8 1.8

What GPA point do you need to enter yale?

Most students have 4.0 's.