Greek word meaning life

Updated: 11/9/2022
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There are several words that are translated life.

The first, bios, is sometimes translated as life or living.

Psyche is more common. It is the temporal life, pertains to both mankind and animals. Psyche is sometimes translated as "mind".

Zoe is used to refer to both temporal and eternal life.

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Q: Greek word meaning life
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Come from the greek word meaning knowledge of life?

Biology comes from the Greek word meaning knowledge of life.

Is the word biology a greek word?

In greek it means science of life In greek it means science of life

What does biography mean in Greek?

It is an English word so it doesn't mean anything in Greek, just in English. It is however derived from a Greek word which is itself derived from "bios" meaning life and "graphia" meaning to write.

Is bio a greek or latin word?

Life. Hence, biology is the study of life.

What is the two Greek word of biology?

Bio meaning life and logy meaning study, so biology is the study of life.

Greek word meaning computer?

meaning of the word-computer greek

What does the root word bio in greek mean?

It comes from the Greek Bios, meaning one's life - a way of living.

What is the Greek meaning of the word hated?

The word hated is of Germanic origin, not Greek, therefore it has no Greek meaning.

Where did the word autobiography come from?

All parts of it come from - derived from Late Greek word autosbiography - derived from Late Greek word biographia

What is the meaning of word nimbuzz?

nimbuzz is not a Greek word and it doesnt have any meaning in Greek.

What bio means in Greek?

The Greek root word "bio" means life. Biology is basically the study of life, and a biography is an written account of somebody's life, for example.

What is the greek meaning of the word organize?

It has no Greek meaning as it comes from a Latin word, organum, meaning instrument or tool.