Greek words for cease the day?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Its '' άδραξε την ημέρα'' (adraxe tin imera).

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ΕΚΜΗΔΕΝΙΣΜΟΣ, εκμηδενισμός.

ΕΞΟΝΤΩΣΗ, εξόντωση.

ΕΞΟΥΘΕΝΩΣΗ, εξουθένωση (= εξ-ουδέν-ωσις).

ΑΦΑΝΙΣΜΟΣ, αφανισμός.

Annihilator = ΑΝΕΛΕΗΤΟΣ, ανελέητος.

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Q: Greek words for cease the day?
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What is the Greek phrase for cease to exist?


Where are greek monsters sent after death?

They simply cease to be.

What does scripture mean in Greek of lake of fire?

It means nonexistence. Cease to existence.

What a another word for cease?

Other words for cease:stoparrestclosurediscontinuancetermination

How do you use the words cease and desist in a sentence?

The court issued a cease and desist order against the construction company. They were forced to cease and desist any activity that changed the landscape.

Did demigods do work for the greek gods?

The Gods would cease to exist if the demigods did not do most of their work.

How do you say cease the day in french?

the day is 'le jour' in French. To cease is 'cesser', but you cannot say 'cesser le jour' - you can only say that 'le jour cesse / a cessé'

What happened to the greek god Hermes to end his existence?

Nothing like that occurred in any Greek myth. Hermes and all the Greek gods and goddesses were immortal, meaning they could not simply cease to exist.

When do you use a Greek word?

You use Greek words in Greek language. There are various words that must be used in Greek language.

From the Latin word for to cease or stop?

The latin word for 'to cease' is Desino which has multiple meanings including - to cease, stop and end.Other similar meaning words are:Consto - to endure, stop.Exitus - Pretty easy to remember - meaning to End or exit,

What is the importance of Greek?

Greek language is very important because it is the basis for all modern-day languages. There is a vast bibliography on the matter, where you can find thousands of Greek words used in English, French, Italian etc.

Is it true that God has promised that the motion that causes the seasons shall not cease?

Yes it does say in the Bible that summer, winter, autumn, spring, the day, and night, they will never cease.