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Im trying to find out where to go to get my college transcript from Draughon's Business College in Jackson MS?


How do you get transcripts from Draughon Business College in Dallas Texas?

You need to contact the Office of the Registrar at the school. They will give you information about what you need to submit to them. Because of the privacy act, you will have to submit a written statement and proof of identity, and typically a minimal fee. It's really not a difficult process.

If a business school no longer exists how can you get a copy of a diploma or transcript?

How can I get my college transcripts if my college no longer exists?

When did Marsh Draughon Business College in Atlanta GA Close?

Hi, I attended MDBC in Atlanta in 1966 and was also looking for the answer to your question. I found this on a student loan web site: Marsh Draughon Business CollegeAtlanta, GA 30309 Closed 12/15/1973.Linda Odum Reynolds

What reason has Barack Obama given for not releasing his college transcripts?

They're no one's business.

What happened to Brantley Draughon Business College in Fort Worth Texas?

I believe they went out of business. Sorry I don't know for sure. I googled the name to get the correct spelling because I attended that business college in the early seventies, first in Abilene, then in Ft. Worth, Texas. I've seen it spelled Brantley Draughon and Brantley Draughn - I believe Draughon is correct though. Anybody else go there? I wonder where you could obtain transcripts, or copies of certificates earned?

Who are the presidents who released their college transcripts?

No U.S. President has released his college transcripts.

How do get credit for graduating from a 2 year business course at Albuquerque New Mexico draughon's business college?

I must be able to establish 24 credits accomplished, which I did in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1961. Who do I contact and where do I go from here?

Did bush release his college transcripts?

No, George W Bush never authorized the release of his college transcripts from either Yale (undergraduate) or Harvard Business School M(MBA), which are kept private under the federal FERPA law. However, the New Yorker did manage to acquire a "purloined" copy of what they claimed was Bush's Yale transcripts, and published them in 1999. The Harvard transcripts remain unavailable.

What if your school does not exist anymore how do you get your transcripts then?

What is your secondary college does not exist anymore how do you get your transcripts then

Where can you find transcripts of Wiley College Debates in 1935?

The best place to find the transcripts of the Wiley College Debates of 1935 is in the Wiley College Library. Wiley College is located in Marshall, TX.

Did john mccain release his college transcripts?