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The average cost of having someone install a fence in your backyard is $2500 to $3000. You can save 40 to 50 percent if you buy the materials and learn how to do it yourself. has information to keep in mind when thinking about putting up a fence yourself.

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Q: HOw much will it cost for someone to put a fence gate in my yard?
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A split rail fence will cost approximately 4 dollars per foot. The cost of the entire split rail fence will be dependent upon the length of the split rail fence.

How much do a wooden gate cost?

Wooden fencing costs on average about forty-five dollars for a six foot by eight foot section. Measurements will need to be taken to determine how many sections that will be needed. There will be a cost if the fence is professionally installed, but if a homeowner plans on installing a wooden fence themselves, they can save money by eliminating professional installation costs.

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