Hair on the nose

Updated: 9/14/2023
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normal, everyone has hair on there nose(:

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Q: Hair on the nose
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What is another name for nose hair?

Nasal hair or nose hair

Did Burt Munro have nose hair?

hair n0 nose

What are your nose hair called?

it was called as " Nasal Hair " but usually called as " Nose Hair "

What are the tiny hair like structures of the nose?

Nasal hair or nose hair

Hair in the nose?

The hair in your nose helps stop bits of dust and other debris from passing further into your nose.

What is hair under the nose called not mustache?

The hair that grows under the nose is called the nasal hair. The function of the nasal hair is to prevent foreign particles and insects from entering the nose.

Why dont animals have nose hair?

All mammals have nose hair , but not cold blooded animals.

What products can you buy to remove nose hair?

There are a variety of products that can be bought to remove excess nose hair. Some of these products include nose hair clippers, hair wax removal or Nair hair removal

Why do guys have nose hair?

Nose hair filters air that is passing through the nose, for example, dust particles in the air.

Why does human nose have hair?

Hair is important to the human nose. It provides filtration for incoming air.

Why is there hair in your nose?

The hair in your nose protects you by catching things like dust, germs, etc.

Can you have green nose hair?

no but you can have green pubic hair