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Hi friend, did u find the answer please let me know. I am also suffering from the same.

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2009-06-19 21:20:08
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Q: Hard bump on leftside of forehead above eyebrow how to pop?
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What could cause swelling above the eye lid on the eyebrow bone?

Swelling above the eyelid on the eyebrow bone could be bumping ones head on something hard. It could also be a pimple that has yet to emerge.

I hit my forehead on the door and now its hard to see out of the eye it was above what do I do?

Go to the doctor. Right now. You have a concussion. (How hard did you hit the door? Man!)

What are the polls of a cow?

The polls of cows are the hard part of their head just above the forehead. They use this part to ram into things and fight off predators.

How do you use forehead in a sentence?

I smacked him in the head hard.

What can a hard forehead lump be that's on the left side above your eye and really hard and it's about the size of a half gumball and it has no pain at all?

seek medical advice. may be built up tissue bone.

I've got a small hard lump on my forehead after being kicked there Is this normal will it go away?

If you've got a small hard lump on your forehead about being kicked, not only is it normal, it will likely go away.

What does it mean when your ex boyfriend kisses your forehead?

He still accepts you as a friend with no hard feelings.

What will happen if you hit someone really hard in the forehead with a fist?

could cause a concussion.

Hard lump on forehead left after a bruise why?

It's because you touch yourself at night!

Should a biopsy be done of a painless hard lump the size of a pea in the center of forehead?

i have the same painless hard lump at the center of my forehead for 3 years now. it is not getting any bigger so i did not seek any medical help.

What does a cross tattoo on the forehead mean?

It means the wearer has a very hard time getting jobs.

What does the cross tattooed on forehead mean?

It means the wearer has a very hard time getting jobs.

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