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Yes, there have been several. The first black quarterback at Alabama was Michael Landrum in 1979.

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Q: Has Alabama ever had a black quarterback?
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Who was the first black quarterback for Alabama?

Walter Lewis was the first black starting quarterback in Alabama history. He was also the last quarterback to play for the legendary Coach Bear Bryant.

When did the first black quarterback start a game Alabama?


Who was the first black quarterback to start a game for the University of Alabama?

The first black quarterback who played for the Crimson Tide was Walter Lewis. He played for Alabama during the 1980, 1981, 1982, and 1983 football seasons.

Who was the second black quarterback at the university of Alabama to start?

Walter Lewis

Has the university of Alabama ever started a black quarterback?

Yes. The University has started four black quarterbacks throughout the school's history. These quarterbacks were Walter Lewis, Vince Sutton, Andrew Zow, and Danny Woodson.

Who was the University of Alabama first black quarterback?

Micheal Landrum, a Sweet Water High School graduate, became the first black quarterback to play at Alabama when he entered as a reserve against Vanderbilt on Sept. 29, 1979. The Crimson Tide won 66-3.

Did the Green Bay Packers ever had a black quarterback?


Have the university of Miami ever had a black quarterback?


Will Alabama ever start a black quarterback?

If you're asking this question due to hearing about Starr Jackson leaving to go play football in FCS then it's because he probably feels he might lose playing time to the up coming freshman quarterback Phillip Sims who is also black. Hope that answers your question.

Who is the only black quarterback to ever win a super bowl?

Super Bowl XXII : Doug Williams, Washington Redskins was the only black quarterback to ever win a super bowl in the '82-'83 season

Who was the 2009 University of Alabama Quarterback?

The quarterback for the Alabama 2009 National Championship team was Greg McElroy.

Who was the QB for Alabama?

The last quarterback for Alabama was John Parker Wilson. The current quarterback for Alabama is Greg McElroy. Before them were many others in the 100+ years of Alabama football.

Who was the last black NFL quarterback to win a Super Bowl?

There's only been one black quarterback ever to win the Superbowl, and that was Doug Williams with the Redskins.

The was best black quarterback in the NFL ever?

Either Warren Moon or Micheal Vick.

Did the New England Patriots ever have a black quarterback?

Michael Bishop and Rohan Davey.

Who is the starting quarterback for Alabama?


Has a black quarterback ever been inducted to the hall of fame?

Yes, Warren Moon in 2006.

Was there ever a quarterback to play for auburn named jim bob striplin?

Yes. 1997 through 1999. 6'3 205 from Hartford Alabama. Head coaches Terry Bowden, Tommy Tubberville. Quarterback coach JimBo Fisher.

Who is the winning quarterback at Alabama?

AJ McCarron is the winning quarterback at Alabama. AJ McCarron is one of the only seven quarterbacks in the history to have won the back-to-back titles.

Who was the quarterback for Alabama in 1982?

There were three that year. The quarterback who played in the Liberty Bowl was Walter Lewis.

Who the best Alabama quarterback?

Jeff Rutledge

Who was quarterback for Alabama in 1992?

Jay Barker

Who is alabama's winningest quarterback?

Jay Barker

Who is the quarterback for Alabama 2009?

Greg McElroy

Who was Alabama's quarterback in 2000?

Andrew Zow

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