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yes they have won 77 gold medals

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Q: Has Australia ever won a gold medal for wrestling at the Olympics?
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Who is the professional wrestler to win gold medal in olympicS wrestling?

In 1996, Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a broken neck. Only wrestler to ever accomplish a gold medal in wrestling history.

Will there ever be wrestling held in the Olympics?

There already is.

Who won 101st gold medal for Australia at the Olympics?

Short track speed skater Steven Bradbury in the men's 1000 meter event at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City. This was the first gold medal Australia had ever won at a Winter Olympics.

Who is the first ever Punjabi to win medal in Olympics?

abhinav bindra is the first Punjabi to win a medal in Olympics

In what Olympics did Australia achieve its best ever gold medal tally?

I's say Sydney 2000. OI think we finished 4th or 5th then.

Did the Jamaican national bobsled team ever medal in the Olympics?


Alisa camplin's records?

Alisa Peta Camplin is an Australian aerial skier who won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics, the second ever winter Olympic gold medal for Australia. At the 2006 Winter Olympics, Camplin finished third to receive a bronze medal. She is the first Australian skier to win medals at consecutive Winter Olympics, making her one of Australia's best skiers.

Has chili ever won a medal in gymnastics in the Olympics?

No, not only has Chile not won a gymnastics medal ... they have never sent an athlete to the Olympics to compete in gymnastics.

How many medal's has usain bolt won in the Olympics ever?


Has Australia ever not won a gold medal at the Olympics?

Australia did not win a gold medal at Montreal in 1976. It was this failure that led to the establishment of the Australian Institute of Sport. Australia also failed to win a gold medal at the 1920 Summer Games in Antwerp and the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin. Also, the 1904 Games in St. Louis but they only had two athletes competing.

Who won Ethiopia's first ever gold medal at the Olympics?

No one, Ethiopia has never won a gold at the olympics.

Smallest country to ever win gold medal in winter Olympics?