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Tide Detergent has not been banned from the US .. if it was we wouldnt be using it today.

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Is Tide detergent banned in Europe?

Yes Tide is very toxic to humans and the earth and has been banned in the European Union which includes 28 countries. Switch to Soap Nuts which are totally non-toxic and cost less than half as much as Tide.

How long as the company Tide been in business?

Tide is the brand name of a particular laundry detergent. The company has been in business since 1949 and have many different products to choose from including the liquid detergent, pods and the Tide pen.

Is Marilyn Manson banned from the United States?

No, Marilyn Manson is not banned from the United States, he has been banned from separate states, however, eventually the ones he was banned from has been dropped as court order stated that he was allowed to play.

Why was Animal Farm banned in the US?

The book Animal Farm was never banned in the United States but has been banned by some states in the United States at times. In 1963, the state of Wisconsin banned the book and it has been banned in other countries such as Kenya in 1991.

Have automatic guns been banned?

They have been strictly regulated in the US since 1934, but they are not banned. Some states do have restrictions.

Has Grand Theft Auto San Andreas been banned?

It hasn't been banned, at least not in United States. However, Hot Coffee Mod has been removed from most of the games and has been banned. The game itself isn't banned.

What countries was The Chocolate War banned?

in what schools in the united states has The Chocolate War been banned

Is the color purple banned?

Yes, the Color Purple has been banned from many schools within the United States. It has been banned most often for sexual content, violence, and racism.

Where was how to eat fried worms banned?

This book has been banned in many public schools in the United States as well as Malaysia

Which dietary supplement was banned by the FDA in February 2004?

Ephedrine was banned in 2004.Dietary supplements that contain ephedra have been banned in the United States.Hope that helps.

Has Barney been banned?

it has not been "banned".

Is paraquat banned?

No, paraquat is not banned in the United States, where it nevertheless can be applied only by registered pest control operatives. It has been banned in Europe since 2007

When was asbestos banned?

Asbestos is not banned in all countries. Where it has been banned, it was banned at different times in different countries. If discussing the United States it is not banned contrary to popular belief. We use thousands of metric tons every year in various applications.

Why was color purple banned?

Banned from what? To my knowledge, it hasn't been banned, and has been on TV.

Where was Judy Blume's Tiger Eyes banned?

The book Tiger Eyes by Judy Blume is one of the most challenged and banned books in the United States. It has been banned all over the United States in response to its depictions of violence, murder, alcoholism, and suicide.

What country is Wisk produced in?

Wisk is a laundry detergent and is sold both in Canada and United States, and produced through Sun Products. Wisk is currently produced in United States and is considered a premium laundry detergent and has been made for over 43 years.

How long has Prayer been banned in schools?

If you attend a Catholic School it is not banned. Public schools have been banned from this since 1998 is Australia.In the United States, organized prayer was first banned in public schools as a result of the US Supreme Court decision in Engel v. Vitale, (1962).

Why was 'The Adventures of Tom Sawyer' banned from schools?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn has been banned, the Adventures of Tom Sawyer has not been banned.

Was racism banned after slavery or not?

Racism in the United States has been a major issue since the colonial era

When was Tom Sawyer banned?

Tom Sawyer has not yet been banned in America, but it has been banned in Brazil in 2003

What states banned Bengal cats?

Domesticated Bengal cats have been banned in Alaska, and regulated in New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Iowa, Delaware, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Indiana,

Was 'Go Ask Alice' banned?

Yes. It has been banned in some schools and libraries in the United States for depictions of drug use, profanity and disturbing imagery.

Does tide kill fleas?

I have been breeding pit bulls for 20 years and I have used tide on numerous occasions treat fleas. Generously spread it around on the ground and in the dog house. For small puppies, mix tide with water in a spray bottle, shake well and spray directly onto puppy. Adult dogs, I prefer to bathe them with dawn or Ajax dish detergent quick normally

Has the death penalty been banned in some states?

Yes. The death penalty has been banned in 14 states, plus the District of Columbia. The state of New York has not officially banned capital punishment, but still has a law on their books allowing it. The New York Supreme Court declared part of the law unconstitutional in 2004, but the legislature has made no effort to rewrite or reinstate the law.For the list of states, see Related Questions, below.

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