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Has Triple H taken steroids?

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Of course he has. Look at the evidence of his gynecomastia surgery. You don't get excessive breast tissue without an overload of androgens in your system.

Not regularly he has taken it in 2001 when he tore a quad muscle other than that he does not take them to get bigger.

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Does the WWE superstar Triple H do steroids?

Triple H most certainly does take or has taken steroids in order to achieve his size and thickness.

Did Triple H use steroids in 2009?

I peronally believe that Triple H has never used steroids!

Does Triple H take steroids?

he most definitely does

Who takes the most steroids in WWE wrestling?

Batista There Are Only A Few WWE Wrestlers That Don't Take Steroids Such As Randy Orton , Edge , Matt Hardy , Triple H , Undertaker , Kane and Triple H . randy orton most definitely takes steroids Kane does edge admited that he did take steroids you can see in their eyes

Is Triple H the WWE wrestler reported to be on steroids?

No way it's Batista and he admitted it.

Who is stronger Batista or Triple H?

Triple H of course.Triple H is pure muscle while Batista is 100% steroids. Don't believe me look at his veins on his arms those are steroid affects.I believe that Batista is stronger and skillful than Sheamus.

Is WWE Triple H on steroids?

probably not, have you seen real steroid users? they are 2x as ripped as him AT LEAST.

How is steroids taken?

steroids are shots.

Steroids are taken how?

Steroids can be taken orally and by injection. Depends on the steroid and desired effect.

Are steroids safe?

No Steroids are perfectly safe and beneficial when taken as prescribed.

Why are steroids taken by athletes?

Steroids make athletes stronger. But it is illegal.

Who is better the undertaker or Triple H?

triple h

What is triple h nationality?

Triple H is American

What nationality is Triple H?

Triple H is french

Did Triple H died?

No, Triple H did not die.

Who is stronger Triple H or batsta?

triple h

Who is hotter Triple H or undertaker?

Triple H

Who is better bigshow or Triple H?

Triple H

Why do people call Triple H Triple H?

triple h's nick name is triple h because his old name was hunter hearst helmsley and that was three h's and he became triple h

Which is better Triple H or Chris Jericho?

Triple H Triple H because he has the wwe title!!!!!1

Why did Triple H lose to undertaker?

Undertaker put triple h in hells gate and triple h passed out

Did Triple H do body building in the Olympics?

Well, First of All Triple H or Paul Levesque Was Never in The Olympics. Second, He Never did bodybuilding only Dave Bautista or Batista And John Cena. To Make Himself Look Big he did Steroids in the Mid And Late 90s.

Who is better shawn micheals or Triple H?

triple h

What does Triple H do?

Triple H is a wrestler and movie star.

What is Triple H msn addey?

triple h msn