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Yes I have. The first time I was in a dress, had make-up and nail polish on. She walked in and saw me. She just gaped and couldn't believe it. She told me that I probably shouldn't be doing this and scolded me. Be careful, because parents can be very misguided in their presumptions. They might think your gay, transsexual or bi if you're caught. Make sure to explain that your are still the same person may that be a girl or boy. Just be yourself, if she does find out. I have been having a hard time talking to my mom after she got mad at me, because it really distanced me from her. Don't let that be you.

Before making any derogatory comments, please remember that some of these people are really depressed and consider suicide as a viable option. Name calling doesn't really help.

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It is possible that someone has been caught cross-dressing by their mother, as individual experiences with cross-dressing can vary. However, it is important to remember that everyone has their own unique experiences and it is essential to approach such situations with respect and understanding.

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Q: Has anyone got caught cross-dressing by their mom?
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