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just did...seeing this question makes me feel it was a mistake....whats your story

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Q: Has anyone purchased a car from masoud gitiforooz in san Diego?
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San Diego Chargers jackets can be purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods and Sports Authority. They can also be purchased online at the NFL Shop and Fans Edge.

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It's a joke. Save your money.

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Marine Supplies are readily available along the West Coast, and San Diego is no exception. West Marine is a readily available retailer in the area, having two stores within the city, and a total of four locations within 10 miles. The San Diego addresses are: 3717 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92110-3113 (phone: 619-298-3020) ; and 1250 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, CA 92106-2662 (phone: 619-225-8844).

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Did Al Bowman ever play for the San Diego Chargers?'s player encyclopedia has no entry for anyone named "Al Bowman" playing for the San Diego Chargers or any other team. There are no entries for anyone with similar last names (e.g., Bauman, Baumann, Ballman, Behman, Berman, Bohlmann, Bouman, Bulman, Bullman) having played for the Chargers.

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