Has sugar ever been used to treat battlefield wounds?

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Sugar and honey were used to treat battlefield wounds in ancient Egypt 4000 years ago. It has been used since, and science shows that treating wounds with honey or sugar (sucrose) is beneficial.
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How do you treat a wounded dog?

If your dog is bleeding, stopping it is number one. As soon as possible, apply firm pressure to the wound with your hand or a clean piece of gauze or cloth. Maintain the pressure until the bleeding stops, usually within a few minutes.Then seek further treatment from a vet.

How to treat a sheep that is wounded and has stitches?

Your veterinarian will have specific instructions for you regarding what to watch for and how to handle the sheep. In general, stitches for a traumatic wound such as a laceration or bite rip need to be monitored closely for infection (redness, swelling, heat, pain) as the risk of bacterial contamin ( Full Answer )

How do you treat hamster wounds?

When a hamster is wounded, it is best to seek veterinary care dueto the delicate body a hamster has. A wound that may look benigncan easily become fatal, therefore homecare is not recommended.

How do you treat a pen stab wound?

If minor, rub with alcohol and make sure that all the blood is gone. Then put your choice of bandages on the wound.

How do you treat an open wound?

You need to do 3 Fundamental things which are as follows;. 1. Assess the bleeding and whether injury human/animal can be elevated. 2. Clean wound with sterile antibacterial substance ie, warm water hibi scrub mild disinfectant. 3. Ensuring the wound will stay clean and protected bandaged, rested ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a bullet wound?

Get medical attention ASAP . It's not advisable to take treatment by yourself in this case.. Never pull the bullet from the body as if it was lodged in vital areas like nerves or arteries it would result in uncontrollable bleeding. You can use tourniquet or belt to tighten around the affected part ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a flesh wound in a cat?

The same way you would for a human. Wash the injured area with a disinfectant, make sure the wound is not deep enough to require stitches. If so, a trip to the vet may be advised. If not, apply pressure to stop any bleeding, bandage if necessary.

How did doctors treat wounds in 1943?

fairly similar to now. Except they used moss in their wrappings as it has some antibiotic features, and can hold copious amounts of blood.

How do you treat a pecking wound on a chicken?

Believe it or not you can use a product they make for cows. Bag Balm/udder cream is a vaseline based medicated salve that sooths and heals pecking wounds. Easy to get at any feed store and has an added benefit of softening the hands that apply it. You can also use Polysporin or Bactine.

How do you treat a wound on guinea pig?

depends on what the wound type is, but in most cases, you should: 1)find an antibiotic cream that is safe for pets 2)soak in a salt water solution daily and let it dry thouroghly! 3)wrap with gauze or vet tape so they can't lick and bite at the wound 4)do these steps daily until it is ( Full Answer )

How can you treat wounds?

The wound should not be exposed to bacterial growth by keeping the wound clean & dry with antibacterial medicines.Iodine is a good disinfectant & prevents bacterial growth.

How do treat a bullet wound?

First step: Call for help ASAP. The chances of surviving a bullet wound depend on how fast the victim gets to a hospital. Now, assuming the wound wasn't cause by accident (in accidental shots everyone with a gun must put the safety on and keep the weapon aiming down), the first thing to do is to ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a wound?

you either wrapp a plaster around or you get a cotton wool wet it with hot water and place it on the wound and do not walk on it too much or else the pain will groww and that's all you need to knoww

Can beach water be used for treating wounds?

In general,yes. It is very similar to sterile normal saline, widely used on wounds. The fact that it is not quite normal strength, or that it contains other salts than sodium chloride, are of little consequence. The two big drawbacks are that it is not sterile and often contains, besides bacteria, a ( Full Answer )

How do you treat wounded soldier?

That depends how the soldier is injured. I will assume you mean the soldier is freshly injured by a gunshot wound to the thoracic cavity (the chest). 1st. Move the soldier to safety and roll him onto the side of the wound. This will allow the blood to flow out rather than putting pressure on the ( Full Answer )

How do you treat an infected wound on a horse?

If your horse has a wound that is infected, I'd definitely take it to a vet. That way they can give them antibiotics to stop the infection. Afterwards I'd suggest regular cleaning of the wound and maybe a bandage to keep it clean. You can tell when your horses wound is infected when it has an awful ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a wound on a cat?

depends . does it have a cut . is its leg swollen . ect. if it is hurt witha cut wrap it up and take it to the vet but if it is swelling definetly take your cat to the vet it my have a blood clot or bleeding on the inside

How do you treat a gun shot wound?

Answer : Go to the hospital immediately . If the wound is bleeding signicantly a (preferably clean) cloth should be placed over the wound and pressure applied to stem the flow of blood.

How do I treat a Wound which has worms inside?

There is no call for immediate alarm. The "worms" you see inside are likely maggots, fly larvae. Maggots do not eat live flesh, and in fact, during the Vietnam War, medics and surgeons who found soldiers with maggots in their wounds were often encouraged by the fact. Maggots are actually quite sanit ( Full Answer )

What can you use on open wounds after teeth been pulled out?

It is recommended that after a tooth extraction you rinse your mouth with warm water with a teaspoon of salt dissolved in it twice a day for the next couple of days to help sterilise the wound, so long as it has stopped bleeding. If you have just had an extraction, fold a tissue so it is quite thick ( Full Answer )

What antibiotic would you use to treat an open wound that is infected?

That depends on the bacteria that is present. Different antibiotics work on different bacteria and there is not one specific atibiotic that works on all bacteria. A doctor needs to detrmine what antibiotic will work and the dose needed for each individual.

How do you treat crushing wounds?

In basic first aid just splint the wound above and below, check the pulse distal to the injury and head to the hospital. If the injury crushed more muscle than bone, you're in a heap of trouble. If it's more of less a bone fracture, you'll be okay. Still head to the hospital though.

How did Native Americans treat wounds?

Native Americans have traditionally been great healers. They had to be for their very survival. They used poltices and bandages. In addition they knew what herbs would help with the healing. They also understood that their prayers were a necessary part of the healing process.

How do you treat a flesh wound on an aquariumfish?

Get some aquarium salt if you don't already have some. It promotes skin healing. Use the directions for your size aquarium. Also there are different medications you can purchase which heal skin wounds, tail rot and other diseases all in one dose. Ask your pet store rep. when you go (it depends on th ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a dogs puncture wound?

A puncture wound needs to be seen by a veterinarian. On the surface a puncture wound can look fairly minor. However, the real damage is usually beneath the surface.

How do you treat a stab wound?

Apply pressure directly to the wound to slow the bleeding, if the wound is near an artery, apply pressure directly to the artery to stem blood flow. If the wound is on a limb or other easily elevated area, elevate it to lessen blood flow. Try not to move much, you don't want to stimulate blood flow. ( Full Answer )

Was asbestos ever used in treating wood?

No, asbestos was never used to treat wood. It would not lend itself to wood treatment since, as a mineral, it is not readily dissolved in solvents that could be used to carry it into wood. It was used to build enclosures around wood in some applications, but that is enclosure or encapsulation, not ( Full Answer )

What is used to treat wounds?

Um......... bandages, I guess. But first you have to wash the wounds in cold water, then put a bandage or a cloth on the wound to cover it up and it won't get infected.

What happened if a medieval knight was wounded on the battlefield?

Many knights and serjeants (non-noble armoured troops with less expensive armour and weaponry) were wounded in battles, sieges and in tournaments. Some, in the 11th and 12th centuries, took part in "trial by combat", which was a legal way of deciding guilt and was fought until one of the two combata ( Full Answer )

Who should treat deep wounds?

Wounds which penetrate the muscle beneath the skin should be cleaned and treated by a doctor

How do witches treat diseases or wounds?

In fiction they use spells, rituals, and natural herbs and potions. In actuality, they usually use common first aid, depending upon how bad the wound/disease is. If it's a small and shallow wound or a small virus (cold, minor flu, etc.), they might use natural herbs. (Sometimes originating from Na ( Full Answer )

How are wounds treated?

Treatment of wounds involves stopping any bleeding, then cleaning and dressing the wound to prevent infection. Additional medical attention may be required if the effects of the wound have compromised the body's ability to function

How should stingray wounds be treated?

Stingray wounds should be washed with saltwater and then soaked in very hot water for 30-90 minutes to neutralize the venom. Afterwards, the wound should be examined by a doctor to ensure that no pieces of spine remain.

How is a wound treated?

The wound must first be cleaned with soap and water and patted dry. After the antibiotic is applied, the wound should be covered with a dressing such as a bandage or a protective gel or spray.

How do you treat a stab wound to the torso?

1. Apply pressure directly to the wound. If the wound is deep and near a major artery, apply pressure to the artery near the wound to stem blood flow. 2. Elevate the wounded area, if possible. 3. Lie still, moving around stimulates blood flow. Keep Warm! Blood loss and shock lower body temperature. ( Full Answer )

How do you treat a puncture wound in a cat?

you need to keep it from getting infected. many wounds bcome abcessed and a hole opens up, making it look like a puncture. Take a big gob of triple acting antibiotic cream and stick it on your finger. Stick the whole gob in the hole. keep doing it twice a day. If you dont see improvement then take i ( Full Answer )

What treats an open mouth wound?

An open mouth wound is usually called a canker sore. They can be very painful. They can be treated by mixing together a teaspoon of salt and a few ounces of warm water. Then swish the solution around in the mouth for a few seconds and spit it out.

How do you use horsetail for treating wounds?

You first take out a pot(doesn't have to be really big), then you put about 5 cups of water. Next, you boil the water for about 15 mins. Then, you put the horsetail in the water until it is really soggy. Later, you wait for it to cool, and then you put it on your wound!

How does is Peeta's wound treated by Katniss?

When they are on the Cornucopia at the end after getting chased by mutts, Katniss rips off her shirt and wraps it around Peeta's leg with an arrow to support it.

What drugs are used to treat wounds and burns?

Asiaticoside, an active ingredient extracted from a plant called Centella asiatica, has been widely used to promote wound healing. In vitro evaluations it has been demonstrated to increase collagen synthesis and therefore impart tensile strength to skin..

What did the Good Samaritan use to treat the man's wound with?

The Samaritan "bound up his wounds, pouring oil and wine uponthem." (Luke 10:34) This was a customary way to care for injuries.Olive oil would soften and soothe the wounds. But what about wine?The Journal of the American Medical Association said: "Wine was aprincipal medicine in Greece. . . . Hippoc ( Full Answer )