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Well, I'm sure. All siblings fight at one point or another.

Yes, they do fight. I've heard them saying so in interviews, that they always punch each other and so on.

Probably because all brothers and sisters fight sometimes so I am sure they have.

Yeah they have because I watched a video from their

camera and they started to figth<

hum... OBVIOUSLY! who would not ever fight?

They do it's just sibling rivalry probably i read a magazine and they said they have fights in their dressing rooms like Wrestling,LOL

Most siblings do have fights most best friends have fights too. Some people think that twins never fight but that isn't true because twins can be so different from each other that sometimes they fight more than just regular siblings.

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Yes he does sometimes to dylan.

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(done by siso0 )

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yes when i was drunk and i ran them over by acciedently sorry they shouldn't be in the street in the first place :( sorry Dylan and cole

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Did ever Dylan sprouse kissing boy?


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