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A creased, inward knot on the forehead is simply the result of how your skull has formed. The skull is in several pieces when a child is born, and it can achieve various common shapes.

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Q: Have a creased knot inward on your forehead?
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put a ice pack on it and thats all u can do it will go away in a day or two

How do you get rid of knot on your forehead?

unfortunately i can't answer your question, but i do have the same think on my forehead. i read on another site that it could be an abnormal growth, meaning it could be a bone growing on top of another bone. i had the Dr. check it out and she said that it was nothing to worry about & that i should only be concerned if the knot is red, or swelling, or if it hurts.

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If you hit your head and passed out you need to seek medical attention. You may have suffered a concussion and need the knot on your head looked at.

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